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Battersea Evolution, Battersea, London. Friday 31st January - Saturday 1st February 2020
Friday 10:00 to 19:00 - Saturday 10:00 to 17:30


Samas Cases - Stand 102

SAMAS cases & covers is a company that manufactures bags for the safekeeping and transport of articles and accessories needed by anyone dealing with cinema, television and photography.

Having experienced excellent cooperation and achievements with major brands in the industry, SamaS today designs and creates increasingly innovative products through original models, suitable for almost anykind of demand or need.

SAMAS guarantees a high protection quality, impermeability and elegance of all products.
The protection and the impermeability are guaranteed by the use of certified cordura 1000 (waterproof, anti-tear, washable and fireproof) and by the fasteners equipped with waterproof zippers. Elegance is ensured by quality finishes with leather and velvet fabrics.

Finally, a light, agile and compact design of the product also ensures easy and comfortable transport.
All products are resistant to impact, temperature variations, dust and weather.
The entire production and processing of the product is certified Made in Italy.

All our items have a 24 month warranty.

Requests for tailored and customized products are also welcome.

Cases & Covers
Via Oreste Salomone, 27-29-31/Via Pietro Rovetti,89 00177 Roma  – Italia
Tel/fax +39 0660672063 
cell. +39 3285548557
Schneider-Kreuznach - Stand 128

Lenses and filters to pursue your creativity

Whether on set or in the studios, Schneider-Kreuznach lenses and filters always set standards in filmmaking. Developed and manufactured in Germany or the USA, their reputation is well-respected all over the world. We are proud to have been recognized with dozens of prestigious industry honors including the Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and an Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Schneider-Kreuznach Cine Lenses – More than a sharp image

Schneider-Kreuznach lenses are the high-quality tool for professional and creative filming. These lenses impress with excellent imaging quality, very low distortion and the harmonious image of uncertain elements in the background.

Our Xenon Full Frame Prime Lenses – a set of matched professional primes, purpose-built from scratch for the demands of today and tomorrow`s cinematography. These German-made optics offer outstanding image quality yet are ruggedly built to withstand the daily rigors of a working set.
The Xenon Full Frame Prime Lens family currently includes 18 mm T2.4, 25 mm T2.1, 35 mm T2.1, 50 mm T2.1, 75 mm T2.1 and 100 mm T2.1 focal lengths.

Each lens offers an all new optical and mechanical design for outstanding operation and performance as well as rugged reliability. The circular 14-blade aperture is specially engineered for a smooth and consistent bokeh. The precision cam driven constant volume focusing design ensures that breathing is minimized. And with a 300-degree barrel rotation, the manual focus markings offer accuracy and repeatability. Additionally all lenses are color-matched for consistency.

Engineered for compatibility with industry standard cine-style accessories like follow focus rigs and matte boxes, the Xenon Full Frame Primes feature identical external dimensions and positioning of focus and gear rings in each focal length. Operators appreciate using the oversized focus and distance scales that are readable on both sides of the lens. To accommodate filters and other accessories, each lens has a 100 mm front diameter and a standard 95 mm thread.

Schneider-Kreuznach Motion Picture and Television Filters – Putting more impact into your images

Schneider-Kreuznach represents also a long history of extraordinary filters for many industries including still photography, high definition, television broadcasting, cinematography, and digital projection. It’s no wonder Schneider-Kreuznach filters for motion pictures and digital cinematography are the finest in the industry.

Our Technical Filters can provide optical solutions for technical problems involving exposure, dynamic range, depth-of-field, color and saturation, refection control and many other imaging problems.

e.g. Schneider-Kreuznach RHOdium FSND filters answers the cinematographer’s call for a truly neutral ND that attenuates light evenly from the near ultra-violet (important for film) through the full visible spectrum and into the near infra-red. 

Our Diffusion Filters can enhance the emotional impact of images by softening fine details, adding a warm glow to highlights and other effects.

e.g. The Radiant Soft series expands Schneider-Kreuznach’s diffusion filter line, bringing cinematographers and photographers the ability to give their subject’s skin a radiant, soft glow, while still having control over the contrast, as well as controlling the highlights with very little blooming effect.

Our Sensational Filters can create visually sensational effects, producing brilliant streaks, intense color, magnify minute details, and over-the-top diffusion effects, and more.

e.g. The True-Streak filter line – Clearly the most effective and exciting way to simulate the anarmorphic streak effect with virtually any lens, anamorphic or not.


Senna Ltd. - Stand 132

Senna Ltd has been creating innovative broadcast equipment and camera robotics for the past decade. Being in at the start of the DSLR revolution, the Senna team has created powerful and creative production tools for DSLR users. Aiming for innovation and simplicity at the same time, they have put their considerable experience into producing lightweight and easy-to-use wireless devices giving reliable results even in remote locations. Motion control, auto memory recall and wireless control are no longer restricted to high budget productions, but have been made available for all by Senna’s innovation. New reveals are innovative LED light systems – LightStation, LightWall, Four Spot and Five Me Five. Extremely strong, high quality lighting with wireless total recall system enables the operator to set and store different light scenes, fading and playlists of light presets.

Sennheiser UK
Capturing high-quality sound to go with the brilliant visuals is quick and easy thanks to our line up of audio for video products. Better yet, they’re robustly built to withstand the rigors of the field.
Explore our line up of digital and UHF wireless microphones for video cameras, DSLR and mobile devices and discover how sound can make your video look better.
Sigma Imaging UK - Stand 544

Revolutionary lenses for the era of
high resolution digital cinematography

Performance born of SIGMA’s experience in ultra-high megapixel digital photography— now ready to take on every challenge in the world of cinematography.

In the new era of high-resolution movie production, the arrival of reasonably priced, high-performance digital cinema cameras has changed the standard of what makes an excellent product in the industry and has expanded the freedom and potential of movie production. At the same time, when it comes to cine lenses, price and brand recognition are still often taken as proof of performance, which ends up being proportional to the production budget. In contrast to consumer products, professional cinema equipment is by its nature difficult to manufacture in volume, in turn causing lens R&D and innovations in manufacturing technology to lag behind progress in cameras. But SIGMA is different. Responding to the demanding requirements for lenses in the era of ultra-high megapixel still photography, SIGMA has developed the technologies required to produce high-performance lenses in volume. They have what it takes to offer a new solution to the cine lens market.

A lineup offering an astonishing combination of specifications and value— all thanks to our ultra-efficient vertically integrated production system.

At SIGMA’s sole production site, the Aizu factory, they perform nearly all processes in-house, from parts and mold production to final lens assembly. This vertically integrated production system comprises both product development and manufacturing, making it a true one-stop resource. Their artisans bring expertise and skill together at the highest level in the pursuit of outstanding optical performance, while their suite of leading-edge manufacturing technologies make possible ultra-efficient, highly precise volume production. Offering a full lineup that delivers compact design and maximum optical performance at minimal cost. A lineup that satisfies every professional film making need while expanding the freedom and potential of cinematography. A lineup that leverages minimal equipment and investment to maximum results. With the goal of providing uniquely innovative lenses and unprecedented value, SIGMA has developed its new line of cine lenses

100% retained: ultra-high-performance optical system

SIGMA has combined the highest level of optical performance with compact design while keeping the cost of development and production to a minimum. SIGMA has played the leading role in the current era of 50-megapixel-plus ultra-high resolution still photography. Now, in the realm of cine lenses, SIGMA is leveraging the outstanding optical performance of its Global Vision still lens lineup, which has been acclaimed by photographers around the world. Featuring the same high-quality optical components including lens cells and aperture mechanisms, these cine lenses deliver the highest level of optical performance and amazing value

100% new: mechanical structure

While retaining the same superb optical system, SIGMA’s cine lenses feature a completely updated mechanical structure. Supported by this new design, the optimized specification includes all of the essential functions required for modern cinematography. Since its foundation, SIGMA has believed in achieving top performance via high-precision parts.
This principle and SIGMA’s leading-edge manufacturing technologies have made possible ultra-high-efficiency mass production of these new lens lines.


SmallHD - Stand 302
Since 2009, SmallHD has been the leading innovator of on-camera monitoring solutions for professional cinematographers worldwide. With the introduction of the FOCUS monitor line-up, SmallHD is providing real-time confidence for content creators using low-profile camera setups. Join us at the SmallHD booth too see our latest offerings, including the daylight viewable 5 and 7-inch monitors with built-in Teradek wireless technology.
Smartsystem - Stand 553
Solid Grip Systems - Stand 138

SolidGripSystems is a Dutch based manufacturer with its focus on traditional camera-movement. Our CenterFold BarTracks are very well received as well as our sustaining TwinDolly. We are working grips so we now your demands on grip-equipment.

Sony - Stand 515

Sony welcomes you to join us at BSC Expo 2020. This year we continue to showcase the VENICE motion picture camera system with a multi-format full frame sensor, phenomenal colour science and user-friendly operation. Since its launch in 2017 the VENICE has become a hugely popular camera system that is being used by a range of high-profile productions in the UK and across the globe. At BSC Expo we will show the VENICE with the latest v5.0 firmware and the VENICE Extension System which bring unrivalled creative options to filmmakers and content creators.

In addition to the VENICE we will be showing the latest camera in our Full Frame line-up, the recently launched PXW-FX9. Including features such as Fast Hybrid AF, Dual Base ISO and S-Cinetone™ colour science the FX9 revolutionises full-frame cinematography with peerless ergonomics and advanced technology for on-the-go shooting.

At BSC Expo we will also exhibit a selection of our industry standard TRIMASTER monitors for On-set & Post Production applications, alongside our Professional Audio equipment for location-based audio recording.


Technicolor London is an industry-leading post production house delivering a range of services, including Front-End, Colour Finishing, VFX and Mastering to features like the “Fantastic Beasts” series, “You Were Never Really Here” and “Paddington 2”, and episodic series, such as “Black Mirror”, “Troy: Fall of A City and “Wanderlust”.

Technocrane - Stand E02

Technocrane s. r. o. is the leading manufacturer of Telescopic Camera Cranes and remote controlled Camera Heads. With now over 500 cranes built, Technocrane has a proven history in the television and movie industry.

Technocrane is now proud to announce launch of Stabilized TechnoheadS.

Technocrane manufactures three product lines:

  1. SUPERTECHNO cranes are the workhorses on every television show or big movie. Now we launch the next digital generation: the SUPERTECHNO PLUS, with built-in tracking for augmented reality, targeting for precise head movements and gyro stabilization.
  2. TECHNOCRANE is the perfect tool for a new generation of lightweight cameras. It is light, steady and is also equipped with tracking and targeting. TECHNOCRANE can be operated by just on one camera man.
  3. TECHNODOLLY is the first of its generation: a programmable and fully automatic camera crane. With the TECHNODOLLY you can create movements of unlimited length and complexity, then you can repeat them with precision.


Teradek - Stand 302

Teradek manufactures professional wireless video, lens control, and color processing systems for cinematographers and independent content creators, as well as IP video devices and software for live streaming, switching, and routing. All Teradek devices are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.


Tiffen International - Stand 307

Tiffen, leading manufacturer of imaging products for the motion picture and broadcast industries will be showcasing its latest Steadicam rigs: the M-1, Shadow, Archer, and the amazing Volt Horizon Stabilizer for all three; Tiffen’s unsurpassed Optical Filters, including Diopters and NATural NDs, and Lowel Lighting products. This is a not to be missed opportunity to see and experience all these great products. Stand 345  



Top-Teks - Stand 545

Top-Teks are one of the UK’s top suppliers of Cine, broadcast and professional camera equipment to the industry. As an authorised re seller for all the leading professional brands including Sony, Canon, Fujinon, TVlogic, Cooke, Hollyland and Panasonic, we get to know you and your business to find the right product solution for your need.

This year we are showcasing four different manufacturers.

Sony VENICE. Top-Teks is the leading supplier of the Venice in the UK. Sony’s next generation motion picture camera system bringing professional cinematography to the next level. The VENICE is the film industry’s first camera with a built-in 8-stage glass ND filter system, it has also made its way onto the Netflix 4K Approved Camera List. Sales Director Mike Thomas will be on hand to give demos with the VENICE and allow you to get some hands-on experience including seeing the new Firmware V5.0 in action.

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Solutions has over 40 years of experience serving the broadcast and video production communities worldwide. MultiDyne leads the industry in pioneering signal conversion and fiber-optic-based transport systems for the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, surveillance, teleconferencing, and Pro AV markets across all business verticals. Top-Teks as the UK distributor for Multidyne will be showcasing the Silverback V offering full system camera operation of the Sony Venice via a fibre cable.

Hollyland offer the best in market wireless video solutions at a fraction of the cost of the market leader. Users constantly remark on how the Hollyland Cosmo Range outperforms the competition in the work environment. Built from high quality materials and featuring cutting edge technology, the Cosmo range provides zero latency with no compression 4:2:2 Full HD Video. For a reliable Wireless Video System that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Hollyland Cosmo.

9.Solutions strive to achieve ‘outside the box’ thinking for all its design ideas. 9.Solutions are pioneers in grip solutions for TV, film & broadcast. They have a range of clamps, rods, gags and mounting units for cameras and all other accessories. We will be demonstrating what 9.Solutions can do and how they work to solve situations through their innovative and new designs.”

True Lens Services - Stand 106

True Lens Services (TLS) is recognised worldwide amongst high-end filmmakers for its bespoke lens innovation and reputable expertise in the design, manufacturing and servicing of lenses. Its comprehensive services include the conversion, servicing and repairing of lenses from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Additional support services include the servicing of grip equipment, tripods, heads, jibs and other equipment that require regular preventative maintenance. The technicians at TLS display a wealth of industry knowledge from years of extensive optical and engineering experience, and in addition to lens servicing and conversions, also offer unique product designs and tailor made packages to suit clients’ optical requirements.

Follow TLS Instagram @truelensservices and Twitter @WeAreTLS and to stay up-to-date on the latest updates and industry news.

Vitec Group - Stand 302

The Vitec Group plc is a leading global provider of premium branded products and services that enable users to capture and share outstanding images, Vitec brings together some of the most respected, innovative, and sought-after brands: Anton/Bauer, Autocue, Autoscript, Camera Corps, JOBY, Litepanels, Lowepro, OConnor, OffHollywood, Paralinx, RTMotion, Sachtler, SmallHD, Teradek, The Camera Store, Wooden Camera, and Vinten.

Vocas Systems - Stand 002

Looking for high-quality camera accessories for film and video professionals, based on hands-on experience? The answer is Vocas!

Vocas was established in 1989 as a technical service company with a background in film. Vocas is highly regarded in the broadcasting- and film world as a company for developing and supporting camera technology. Vocas Systems designs and develops innovative, high-quality camera accessories for film and video professionals. 

We are striving for the best possible service and to always select the right combination of tools for the job. With our well-known matte boxes, base plates, focus controllers, shoulder supports, DSLR rigs, wooden handgrips, Sliding and Spider System and other accessories you can enhance and customize your camera equipment.

Our added value is to always think two steps ahead to invent solutions where other suppliers stop. Design? Assembly? We do this ourselves. Develop and repair products? Same story. 

All our products are entirely designed and developed in Holland, also always tested in our company itself. Selling through our worldwide distribution network in more than 60 countries, Vocas is trusted by professionals all over the world.

The material we use is machined aluminium and other high-tech materials for a 2 year warranty, so the products are up to the level of the most demanding camera man.

Vocas and BSC EXPO 2019

Visiting the BSC EXPO 2019 in London? Make sure you pay a visit to the Vocas stand. You can find Vocas at stand 003 with all the latest gear. During the expo Vocas will introduce the C-cage, a cage specially designed for the Blackmagic Design Pocket 4K camera.

Zeiss - Stand 301

ZEISS is an international leader in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. Our photography and cinematography lenses feature exceptionally high quality workmanship combined with legendary ZEISS quality.

ZEISS have helped to create distinctive images in many famous movies including Spectre, Skyfall, Life of Pi and ARGO, just to name a few. The winning combination of great flexibility and optimal performance means ZEISS lenses are perfectly designed to match your application requirements. ZEISS lenses provide endless opportunities whatever the situation.

Join us on stand to discover more from our portfolio of lenses spanning our photography and cinematography portfolio, including the newly launched ZEISS Compact Prime CP.3 XD Lenses and the ZEISS Lightweight Zoom LWZ.3

Important security note:

If you wish to bring in any cameras or filming equipment (other than mobile phones) into the Expo during the open period of the you must have prior consent from BSC. Consent must be requested on or before Tuesday 28th January 2020 to ensure it can be dealt with.

If you do not apply for this, it will delay you entering the exhibition and mean your goods will have to be stored in our offices during your visit. You can apply for consent by emailing

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