BSC Expo Exhibitor Directory

Battersea Evolution, Battersea, London. Friday 31st January - Saturday 1st February 2020
Friday 10:00 to 19:00 - Saturday 10:00 to 17:30


MarCam Europe - Stand 324

MarCam Europe are the only EMEA distributor for all Marshall Electronics miniature, compact & PTZ cameras.

Marshall cameras are deployed extensively on all production types including reality television, concerts and sporting events – and cinema use is growing fast. The latest 4K compact models are ideal for use as a crash cam, or for capturing unique points of view – all in sharp & vivid 4K at 24P.

With a decade-long association with Marshall Electronics, our expertise is unequalled, ensuring customer satisfaction from pre-sales through supply & service.

MDG FOG UK - Stand 609

Our company, our passion Since 1980, MDG has created superior-quality fog and haze generators for entertainment, industrial and military customers. From day one, we have pursued the advancement of our technology to continue making the best generators on the market.

MDG – Proudly making the best atmospheric eects.

Miller Fluid Heads (Europe) Ltd. - Stand 300

Miller Camera Support Equipment is solely dedicated to designing and manufacturing fluid heads and tripods. Each product is made by passionate and highly skilled craftsmen and employing the highest quality, environmentally-friendly materials. Manufacturing uses high precision CNC machinery and stringent quality control processes. Miller is an ISO 9001 accredited company.

Mission Digital - Stand 504

When colour is important to your visual narrative, it’s imperative that your colour pipeline is managed correctly. In addition to looking after digital dailies and video playback requirements, Mission Digital is here to ensure the vision of the cinematographer is carried through to post production and enjoyed by audiences exactly the way it was intended to be.

Movietech Camera Rentals - Stand 500


Creative, independent suppliers of Camera, Lens and Grip Equipment for the film, television and commercials production industries.

With bases at Pinewood Studios and Pinewood Wales, Movietech have over twenty five years experience in the design, development and expert delivery of professional image capture packages and quality engineered solutions.

MTF Services - Stand 553

MTF Services Ltd: Experts in all aspects of broadcast equipment.

MTF uniquely operates in the UK film and video industry offering sales, servicing, design, engineering and consultancy. Alongside MTF designed and manufactured lens adapters, MTF represents brands including Blushape, Veydra, Brightcast, NiSi and Lockcircle. All available to view during BSC2020.

New Day Pictures - Stand 116

Founded in 2000, New Day Pictures is one of the UK’s leading Film & TV Equipment Hire Companies. We help facilitate more than 100 shoots per month and work with some of the world’s largest Broadcasters, Film & TV Production companies, Music production and Event organisers throughout the UK and abroad


Octica Professional Ltd. - Stand 324

Octica Professional are a dedicated distributor of film, broadcast & professional video equipment.

With an extensive dealer network, Octica deliver expert product distribution throughout the UK, Ireland and across the EMEA region.

Working with recognised manufacturers and new-to-market start-ups, Octica actively promote brand awareness, hold UK stock and provide technical customer support to ensure high customer satisfaction throughout the supply network.

Octica Professional’s partner manufacturers are located across the globe with European-based ABC Products, BB&S Lighting, Bebob, Cartoni, Cinelex and VELVET Light joined by Fomex, Musashi-Opt, SGC & True ND from Asia.

Optical Support - Stand 501

Here at Optical Support, the UK’s leading Lens & Steadicam Specialists, we have supported award winning films & productions with our range of specialist camera equipment, for over 20 years. Whether it’s a low budget film or a full length feature, we can provide you with tailored service to meet your production requirements.

Come to visit us to see a range of new and exciting products.

Official ARRI CSS Dealers & Trainers, Trinity, Maxima, New SRH-3 stabilised head.

Flowcine, Dual Black Arm, Tranquiliser XL, X Bone & X Arm.

OS Products, Jackal Rickshaw, D-Box 3S, Impact 200 batteries.

Glassmak Studio Mirror for make up and hairdressing artists.

Inovativ Scout 42


OVIDE Smart - Stand 126

Powerful and compact video assist equipment made specifically for QTAKE high-requirements.

One system can capture, playback, edit, chromakey and apply VFX at realtime.

Ovide Smart will be showing the Smart Assist 4EVO, Smart Assist 2EVO and the newest: Smart Dock, a compact solution to set up with an Apple MacBook.

P + S Technik - Stand 117

A passion for innovation and exceptional pictures – that’s the maxim of P+S TECHNIK, the Munich-based manufacturer of top end professional film equipment.

P+S TECHNIK offers the widest range of rehousings for vintage lenses as well as expert lens service and spare parts. Anamorphic lenses and adapters are further tools developed for cinematographers to make a difference.  Special lens systems and professional interchangeable lens mounts round off our optics portfolio.

Further award-winning products: Skater Scope, Skater Mini dolly, T-Rex, Weisscam, Pro35.

PAG - Stand 619

PAG – Stand 619

PAG is the UK designer and manufacturer of innovative camera power solutions for digital cinematography, video production and broadcast acquisition.

The company provides the industry’s most advanced battery technology in the form of PAGlink, a unique system of intelligent linking batteries.

The new Mini PAGlink system offers smaller, lighter batteries, in a range of capacities, suitable for powering a broader range of cameras and accessories. The batteries feature outputs that users can configure with connectors of their choice. You can reduce weight by using 50Wh batteries when shooting handheld, or increase power and run-time, by linking 2 or more 50Wh or 99Wh batteries when your set-up is tripod mounted. Mini PAGlink will be available in V-Mount and Gold Mount formats from early 2020.

Panalux - Stand 331

Panalux lights the world of film, television, and media production. As a major rental company for productions, Panalux understands the lighting needs of their clients and offers dedicated support and developing practical, ground-breaking lights in research & development, such as the new AmphiTubeX1 – an amphibious lighting system that runs at full power in and out of water. Panalux is committed to expanding what is possible in the world of lighting and innovate the industry.

Facebook: @panalux

Instagram: @panaluxworld

Twitter: @panaluxworld

Panasonic - Stand 316

This year, Panasonic will showcase the full VariCam line-up – the flagship VariCam 35, the compact VariCam LT, and the VariCam Pure, which provides 4K uncompressed RAW at up to 120fps, all of which can be configured to meet a variety of production scenarios.

 In 2018 we saw a number of major releases that were shot on the VariCam series. These included the box-office hit Crazy Rich Asians, shot by Vanja Cernjul, ASC, as well as Netflix Original series’ including Ozark Season 2, Arrested Development and a number of shoots from the forthcoming Our Planet, and HBO feature Fahrenheit 451.

 The recently launched AU-EVA1 will also be on show at the BSC Expo. Thanks to its newly-developed 5.7K Super 35mm sensor, dual-native ISO sensitivity and lightweight design, EVA1 is a camera that fulfils a wide range of run-and-gun and handheld shooting styles. We will also have Lumix on hand to demonstrate the latest in its GH series technology.

Panastore - Stand 331
Panavision - Stand 331

Panavision is one the leading camera rental facilities in the world, with Panavision UK leading the European division. Dedicated to supporting the future of film, they provide unparalleled service to features, television, commercials, and music videos for whatever the needs of the production. Quality and craftsmanship are at the heart of the Panavision ethos which is reflected in their lenses and their client care.

Facebook: @panavisionuk

Instagram: @panavisionuk

Twitter: @panavisionuk

Panalux - Stand 331
Panther GmbH - Stand 105

Panther S-Type – the newest member of the Panther dolly family. Discover the advantages of different dolly concepts: scissors-arm and center-column. Powered by an electro-mechanical drive system the S-Type thus is the world‘s first of its kind. Panther presents this new product along with its corresponding accessories range.

Also on display Panther’s PMT Mono Rail system which has become extremely popular, including its expanding range of levelling options.  

Facebook: @PantherDolly

Instagram: @pantherfilmequipment

Twitter: @PANTHERchannel

Photon Beard - Stand 639

We manufacture lighting for all areas of image capture from still photography to motion pictures.   Our current focus is on high quality remote phosphor LED products such as our Highlight LED range and the PB80 Redhead. However we also offer tungsten, fluorescent and HMI lights.

PixiPixel - Stand 217
Porta-Jib - Stand 130

Manufacturers of the Original Porta-Jib Camera Jib Arm, the Losmandy Spider Camera Dolly, Losmandy FlexTrak, the Original Flexible Camera Dolly Track, and the Losmandy Porta-Glide Dolly Sleds,

Power Gems - Stand 338

Power Gems are well-known in the TV and film industry for the design and supply of 100Hz high-speed HMI ballasts. Now we’ve expanded into the LED control market.

Lost-cost PWM power supplies complete with dedicated drivers or Constant Current for flicker-free output; whatever your requirements talk to Power Gems.

Preston Cinema Systems - Stand 110

Preston Cinema Systems produces advanced lens control systems. The Light Ranger 2 focus assist enables critical focus with the latest large format camera sensors. The new DM5 motor and MDR4 two-channel motor driver address requirements for minimal size high performance lens control for Steadicam, hand-held, and drone applications.

Production Gear - Stand 625

Equipment reseller Production Gear will be showcasing the latest camera and production technology with new products and innovations from well known brands including Easyrig, Kupo, Genus and many others.  Drop by to get hands on with the latest kit and to receive exclusive show offers.

Prolight Direct - Stand 523

Prolight Direct Ltd, the Film and TV professional lighting supplier, selling with expert advice from experienced lighting professionals.

Prolight Direct supplies the best professional brands of Film and TV continuous lighting equipment at the most competitive prices. Our products are from Aladdin, Kino Flo, Dedo Light, ARRI, SUMOLIGHT, FX LION, Light Star, Exalux, SENNA  and Light & Motion, they are the best brands available on the market.

Aladdin are one of the most innovative lighting manufacturers in the world. They produce beautifully crafted lighting fixtures with unsurpassed colour quality. From the Bicolour Flex Lite to the Eye Lite nothing compares, and now the ALL IN 1 and 2 have RGBWW.

SUMOLIGHT presents SUMOSPACE, the next evolution of the SUMOLIGHT system. Building on our years of experience with the SUMO100, the SUMOSPACE incorporates the suggestions, comments and criticisms of gaffers and Directors of Photography the world over. You asked for a bi-colour fixture with the output of a 6k spacelight and the power consumption of an LED, for vibrant colour rendition that needs no adjustment or filtering, for entirely passive cooling without fans, with interchangeable optics giving you 20/30/60/120 degree beam angles, and for a light and durable construction under 5.5 kg

Kino Flo Lighting Systems have introduced their new LED range of location lighting systems with great features such as Tuneable Kelvin 2500K-9900K , Dimming without colour shift,  Green/Magenta control,  Dial in any colour RGBWW through Hue Angle and Saturation control,  Kino Flo pre-sets and Gel pre-sets,  Individual Red, Green, Blue (RGB) control,  Manual and DMX dimming w/ Auto Terminate,  DMX wireless link (Lumen Radio),

Dedolight provide a comprehensive lighting system offering unique advantages to lighting professionals in many disciplines. The unique control capabilities of Dedolight, along with its low projected heat and minimal current draw, extensive range of luminaries and system accessories make the Dedolight the ideal choice.

Senna Lighting –  the senna Light Wall  is a powerful luminaire with an amazing strength of up to 75000  LUX giving you great punch light (depending on the beam angle you choose). It is composed of 20 LED panels, all controlled wirelessly with control plate or DMX, which enables you to set the lights quickly and easily. In addition to 10 special effect templates (fire, candle lights, thunder lights, TV, police lights…), the system allows you to make your own pre-sets of light and store playlists of pre-sets. Fading between light scenes in reply is adjustable. The Wall runs on mains power or 8 V-mount batteries, so it can be used outdoors as well. You can choose between bicolour or daylight wall.

Light Star produce the most powerful punch lights on the market the LMAT 12 is 2160w of LED light with a 25degree beam angle giving you power not seen before from an affordable LED light, less than half the price of any other similar fixture yet built to last in the rental market.

ARRI‘s extensive range of lighting products offers an abundance of creative lighting solutions. ARRI lights are put to use across the world on feature film and TV productions, in TV studios and at major sporting events. ARRI’s versatile products meet the diverse needs of the lighting profession for projects of any size and in situations where the highest light output is required. Proven by decades of use on location and in the studio to perform reliably in all weather and climate conditions, ARRI lights are designed and built by professionals for professionals.

FX LION Batteries offer battery solutions from small lightweight 98wh square intelligent batteries all the way up to 1200wh block batteries offering 14/28 and 48v outputs.

Exalux produce the most robust / reliable wireless WI-FI and lumen radio products on the market.

Offering customers, the freedom of wireless technology with the confidence of reliability.

Light and Motion Stella – The Perfect Camera Lights. Stella lights are the most powerful, compact & rugged lights. Rechargeable. Up to 12 hours runtime. Waterproof IP68 some models can go under water. FL-1 Standard Certified. Experience the speed and freedom of cable-free lighting – redefine what it means to ‘run & gun” & cable free your work flow with perfect lighting.

Lighting design for studio applications

Prolight Direct offer advice or a full detailed planning and installation service – we assume responsibility for the success of the project and work hard to provide the best solution within the budget. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and offer our advice and planning based on real experience and knowledge.

Professional lighting for high speed filming

Prolight Direct offer the latest state of the art technology for high speed filming from the large HMI and tungsten lights to a new range of LED lights are incredibly efficient in both financial terms and light output for energy consumed. The Senna wall light and Light Star LMAT 12 have be used to shoot 8000-12000 fps in HD on the new Phantom Onyx camera. All this from a LED fixture that you can plug into a 13a socket.

QTAKE - Stand 126
Quasar - Stand 007
Ratworks Engineering - Stand 109
RED Digital Cinema - Stand 9

RED Digital Cinema is a leading manufacturer of professional digital cameras and accessories. The cameras of RED’s DSMC2 line combine compact and lightweight design, superior image quality, incredible dynamic range, modularity and cutting-edge performance. RED cameras have been used on features like “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2” and “The Hobbit” trilogy, television series such as “Stranger Things” and “Godless”, and magazine covers like “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar”. For more information, visit  

Robe UK - Stand 611

Robe Lighting is the world’s premier manufacturer of entertainment lighting fixtures with a huge range of moving heads and digital lighting products. With over 25 years’ experience at the forefront of the industry, Robe is dedicated to producing the very best units possible to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry.

Robe truly has global presence with 9 subsidiary companies in the largest markets in the world including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Middle East, Russia, Asia Pacific and South America in addition to our network of over 100 distributors. Our UK team is extremely experienced in the world of entertainment lighting with over 100 years of experience between them.

All our products are developed and produced within our own facilities at our global HQ in the Czech Republic in our 55,000 square meter manufacturing plant where we have over 700 employees who are  focussed on producing products utilising the very latest available technology to meet the creative, technical and practical demands of our customers.

Visit our website for more information on our units at or give us a call on 01604 741000

Ronford Baker Engineering - Stand 101

Ronford Baker are manufactures of academy award winning Fluid Heads and Tripods. The product range also includes Sliders, Billet Bazookas, Track, Beams, Grip Equipment, Transit Cases, and a new range of camera and video accessories.

The new Atlas 50 Fluid Head is now available, as well as other products.

Facebook: @Ronfordbaker

Instagram: @Ronfordbaker 


Rotolight - Stand 118

Rotolight is an award-winning British LED lighting manufacturer for TV, film and photography, offering a range of on-camera, location and studio solutions for creative imagemakers. Rotolight has developed countless industry first features and has been widely recognized with numerous awards and accolades for its innovation, technical excellence and product quality. Featuring a host of innovative features for both video and stills use, the Rotolight family all offer both a powerful flicker-free continuous light and High Speed Sync flash (up to 1/8000th) with zero recycle time. Delivering superior battery performance and featuring AccuColourTM technology for excellent colour rendering; Rotolight redefines the standard of LED technology with its innovative suite of LED lighting – at the pinnacle, the Anova PRO 2 is one of the brightest LED lights in its class, designed for professional studio/location use. For photographers on location, the Rotolight AEOS has a unique ‘ultra-thin’ design concept with integrated aluminium handles to work the light in any location. A photographer’s secret weapon in any setting, the NEO 2 delivers 2000 Lux at 3ft and can be used on or off camera. Visit Rotolight at BSC Expo on stand 102 to see them in action!

Important security note:

If you wish to bring in any cameras or filming equipment (other than mobile phones) into the Expo during the open period of the you must have prior consent from BSC. Consent must be requested on or before Tuesday 28th January 2020 to ensure it can be dealt with.

If you do not apply for this, it will delay you entering the exhibition and mean your goods will have to be stored in our offices during your visit. You can apply for consent by emailing

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