Exhibitor Directory 2018: G to L

Battersea Evolution, Battersea, London. Thursday 30th January - Saturday 1st February 2020
Thursday by invitation only - Friday 10:00 to 19:00 - Saturday 10:00 to 17:30



Gaffers Control - Stand 304

The Gaffers Control with its robust design is a fixed value on set. Through its intuitive programming and uncomplicated method of operating, this DMX controller does not require an extensive background. Once the fixtures have been added, manipulation is very easy. All fixtures, their DMX-addresses and their intensity are easily consulted on one and the same screen. The built-in battery and Lumenradio CRMX-transmitter allow for a complete freedom of movement along the set.

  • Rugged design
  • Multi touchscreen  
  • Accurate adjustments through 7 endless turnable knobs
  • 7 flash Buttons
  • Intuitive programming
  • Main screen overview of all variables
  • 14 adjustable fixtures
  • Expandable fixtures library
  • Software updates possible
  • Lumenradio CRMX- transmitter
  • One master fader
  • Complete freedom of movement on set
Gaffers Control - Stand 322

Gaffers Control represents the pinnacle of advanced wireless DMX lighting control. Enclosed within a Peli-style hard case, Gaffers Control is ready-to-deploy on set immediately and packs away in an instant.

Discover more about Gaffers Control and their products on the Octica Professional booth – stand 322.

Gavo Lighting - Stand 132

Gavo Lighting is back again following the successful launch of our SL2 Plasma Light in 2018.

“Bright as a 10k” – Pirate High Speed.

Flicker free, low power consumption, CRI of 98. Now with a digital interface and DMX control.

Also on show – our new soft box and SL3 concepts.

GB Helicopters - Stand 347

GB Helicopters are industry leading specialists in aerial filming. Having teamed with Spirit In The Sky, the companies can provide a one-stop shop for all aerial filming and aviation requirements worldwide. This includes supplying aerial camera systems, helicopters, jets and vintage aircraft through to stunts, pilots and operational support.

With a vast array of camera systems ranging from the Shotover K1 with new Hammerhead Array, The GSS C516, Shotover F1 and Cineflex through to Freefly Alta 8 and the DJI Inspire 2 Drones. We always aim to provide the most innovative solutions to date and have a feature film, TV and commercial credit list for some of the world’s most recognised productions.

Gecko-Cam - Stand 110

Lens Service, Lens Repair, ARRI Reseller, O-Connor Reseller, Subrental, Zeiss Reseller, Projector, Collimator, Genesis G35, Vintage 66, Stealth Rehousing, Vintage Ultraprimes, Lens Tools, Lens Spareparts

GFM Grip Factory Munich - Stand 344

Grip Factory Munich – GFM is a leading manufacturer of dollies, cranes, track and camera support equipment and are known for producing products of the highest quality. On show this year will be the GF-Primo Dolly, GF-Quad Dolly, GF-Tele Jib and the GF-Sliders plus a selection of GFM accessories.

Global Distribution - Stand 519

Specialists in workflow, Global work with leading manufacturers to provide products and solutions for content acquisition, data storage and management, collaborative production and archiving. For HDR-capable monitor-recorders, batteries and power solutions, camera support and rigs, recording media, external drives, tape backup, colour-grading, and on-set collaborative storage; speak to Global Distribution.


GBCT Guild of British Camera Technicians - 009

Technology is changing rapidly and the GBCT takes pride in its members’ ability to be at the forefront of innovation.  But they also have an essential and fundamental grounding in the traditional arts and practices of cinematography.  Whether a feature film, TV drama, commercial or documentary chooses to shoot on film or digital, the GBCT has the technicians you will want on your production, because the GBCT and its members are at the cutting edge of our art with training courses and seminars provided by the best of our talent.  It’s a resource unparalleled in this business.

If you want to feel secure that your production will be shot by the Best of the Best camera technicians, script supervisors and camera specialists in aerial, underwater, VFX and film or digital cinematography, then look no further. 

Contact us on T: 020 8813 1999; E: admin@gbct.org; W: www.gbct.org

GTC Guild of Television Camera Professionals - 010
The Guild of Television Camera Professionals is an independent craft organisation supporting and encouraging excellence in all aspects of television camerawork with around 1400 members. GTC members are professional cameramen and camerawomen who operate in all areas of broadcasting. Since 2016 the International Association of Wildlife Film-makers (IAWF) has been affiliated to the GTC.
See more about the GTC: www.gtc.tv

Hawk-Woods Ltd. - Stand 609

As a company with over 28 years experience and knowledge in the Film/Broadcast Industry we offer a wide range of products for camera operators, sound recordists and lighting engineers. Ranging from broadcast camera batteries, chargers, power adaptors, cables and plugs.


Hedbox - Stand 519

Since 2009 Hedbox has offered professional quality battery and power solutions at affordable end-user prices. With research and development out of Switzerland and the latest high-quality Li-Ion battery cells sourced from Samsung and LG, Hedbox products offer innovative technology coupled with unique features and high reliability.

New at BSC 2019 is NERO available in S, M and L capacities. This revolutionary new V-Lock battery combines Hedbox’s Cells Framing Construction System in a light-weight design that has passed rigorous Free Fall Drop Tests by certified laboratory WESTPAK in California.


Helicopter Film Services - Stand 111

Helicopter Film Services (HFS) established 25 years, and is a world leading provider of aerial and stabilised filming services and equipment globally with hundreds of feature films and commercials credits.

HFS is now recognised as one of the world’s premier cinema Drone operators with heavy-lift systems from Intuitive Aerial & Shotover. We also offer specialist tracking vehicles from Aston Martin and Mitsubishi.

Our stabilised camera systems include: Shotover F1, K1 and U1, Nettmann Super-G2 and the new Typhon 6 camera array.

Holdan - Stand 514

Centre stage are product launches from SmallHD, TeradekRT and Panasonic, plus Blackmagic’s complete end-to-end 4K HDR workflow. Get hands on with accessories from Wooden Camera, MovCam, SLR Magic and Manfrotto, and LEDGO lighting. Speak with our experts about wireless production, cinematic grading and editing, low light 4K shooting and more.

Hudson Spider - Stand 304

A departure from the flat panel LED, Redback is an everyday lighting workhorse that produces incredibly soft, powerful and controlled light with unprecedented ease. Available in kit form, the Redback is fully dimmable and DMX controllable and has a 95+ CRI and TLCI reading. The 8 legs of the Redback use the hybrid LEDs from the LiteGear technology and can be used from 2900k to 6300k. This versatile LED fixture comes with an Octadome, fabric diffusions and SnapGrid. Winner at IBC of the Cinema5D Innovation Award.


IDX Technology Europe Ltd. - Stand 548

We will be showcasing:-

New IPL Powerlink Batteries; for extended run times and charging

New Charging Solutions; D-Tap advanced, X-tap socket and stacked charging

Duo Compact Battery Range; unmatched versatility

BPU Sony form factor batteries; with d.c. outputs

Sony, Panasonic and JVC Form Factor batteries; with d.c. outputs


The International Moving Image Society (IMIS) is a community that provides education, events, resources, networking opportunities and support to all levels of the film, tv and media industries. Come by our booth to find out how to get your first year of membership for free!

IAWF - The International Association of Wildlife Film-makers

IAWF Mission Statement

The International Association of Wildlife Film-makers (IAWF) is an organisation for members who earn all or part of their living filming wildlife. The IAWF website provides a shop window for producers to find wildlife camera crew and gives guidance on suggested daily rates, footage rates, travel days, cancellation fees protocol, insurance, first aid courses, flying with camera batteries and other business issues for the freelancer. The IAWF is affiliated to the larger Guild of Television Camera Professionals (GTC), so IAWF members benefit from all the advantages of the GTC, such as workshops, the email forum (invaluable for technical help), Zerb and In Focus magazines, as well as events and trade discounts available through the GTC.

Membership of the IAWF costs £80 per annum and is accessible via an online form at http://www.iawf.org.uk/home



IMAGO - Stand 012

IMAGO, established in 1992, is an international umbrella Federation for all National Cinematographer´s Societies, and is these Societies major hub for information, sharing knowledge, education, communication between cinematographers, and for promoting the art of cinematography.

IMAGO today has 53 National Cinematographer´s Societies and more then 4.000 professional cinematographers as members.


Newly launched U.S based eZine aimed towards, ASC, BSC & DoP’s within the art of Photography & Camerawork in Film-Making.

The bi-monthly ‘free-to-view’ editions nforms on existing productions, feature films, commercials and forthcoming trade events. Our editorial contributors will seek to keep readers abreast of global advancements within the motion picture technologies.

‘FREE TO DOWNLOAD’ app available on iOS



Kalee Hewlett

10718 McCune Avenue LA, 90034, USA


In-Motion - Stand 550

In-Motion are a major distributor of professional lighting and grip equipment to the UK’s Film, TV, Broadcast, Entertainment and Photographic markets.

As an ARRI main dealer and an accredited ARRI lighting service centre, their dedicated specialist technicians use official ARRI spare parts and provide service levels which are second to none.



Indu-Electric - Stand 125a

INDU-ELECTRIC has been a family owned business for more than 2 generations. For the past 3 decades INDU-ELECTRIC has been globally manufacturing portable power distribution systems for industrial and entertainment industries. A Power Distribution box from INDU-ELECTRIC is a commitment to Safety, Quality, Reliability and Design.

Inovativ Carts - Stand 505

INOVATIV carts and compact digital workstations are quickly becoming industry standard. Constructed of aluminium, thermal plastics, and stainless steel hardware, you will find INOVATIV products to be extremely effective onset tools. Whether you are a DIT, Steadicam Operator, or Photographer, INOVATIV’s thoughtful design increase workflow efficiency. Visit inovativcarts.com

K5600 - Stand 523

K5600 Lighting was founded in 1992 to produce lighting solutions for the film, TV and photographic world.  Famous for its Joker range and most recently the Joker², K5600 is launching in 2019 a program of LED lights featuring high quality Fresnel and Par units. For the first time at the BSC Show K5600 will be showing the Kurve, a parabolic umbrella reflector coming in three sizes: 3ft, 4.5ft and 6ft. Particularly robust, the Kurves are quick and easy to set up whatever the size.

K5600 has worldwide distribution of the BOAFLEX, a Led strip light which comes in 2ft, 4ft and 8ft. Uniquely design to be attached on set with Velcro, magnets and various point of fixation. Bicolor, they run on V mount batteries.

Kays - Stand 017

For 36 years, KAYS have been compiling the most accurate and up-to-date data on the UK and Irish film and TV industry.

Our Production Manual, Art Department Desk Diary and KAYS App contain thousands of listings for top-level companies and freelance technicians working within the industry. As such, we have become the essential resource for Producers, Production Managers, Location Managers and all key film and TV personnel.

As a client of KAYS, you may advertise your services and facilities across all our platforms – print, online and direct marketing – allowing you to promote yourself to the heart of the industry


KEY GRIP SYSTEMS Development - Stand 251

KGS Development is a company specialised in the development and sale of grip equipment.


Kinefinity - Stand 116

Kinefinity offer a line of modular and affordable digital cinema cameras of the highest quality. Their full line up of cameras will be on the stand this year. Including their flagship full frame cinema camera, the Mavo LF. With its 36x24mm CMOS Sensor, 6K resolution, choice of PL, EF or E mounts, Prores and Cinema DNG workflow and superb high frame rate options, the Mavo LF brings a level of quality to lower budget products never before possible.

Kino Flo Lighting Systems - Stand 529

Kino Flo Lighting Systems

For over 30 years Kino Flo have been designing and building the best professional lighting tools for the industry. Everything from blockbuster franchise movies to an emerging international class of small, independent narratives and music videos adopted the look of Kino Flo. The latest state of the art LED technology opens up a complete creative freedom for the image-makers and guarantees the unparalleled accuracy and control.

At the BSC Expo 2019 Kino Flo will be demonstrating their new pre-programmed camera LUTs. These are designed to accommodate specific camera spectral response curves and harmonise both to other light sources and ensure faithful colour reproduction around and on camera. The full range of Kino Flo fixtures will be on display including the latest addition to the FreeStyle family – the 310-degree Tube. The new Kino Flo Tube incredibly weighs the same as the original fluorescent bulb and offers a wide 310-degree soft ambient quality of light. A professional tool on location and set.



KipperTie – Optical accessories for RED®

Demonstrating the newly launched Revolva system: A complete internal filter system with intelligent lens mount, built for RED® DSMC2®.

Revolva joins KipperTie’s trusted range of RED Approved internal filter (OLPF) products.

KipperTie also provide Authorised RED Rental and end to end production services.

Kodak - Stand 339

Kodak Motion Picture Film, Kodak Film Lab London & Kodak Digital Services will be available to discuss all aspects of the film workflow from shooting, processing, transfer, printing and scanning to long-term archiving. We’re delighted to be promoting 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 65mm production, post and preservation in the UK.

LaCie - Stand 519



LCA - Stand 304

LCA – Lights, Camera, Action are one of the leading suppliers of professional equipment to the film, TV, video and photographic industries.
A one-stop-shop supplying lighting, grip, distribution, cables, filter, textiles, lamps and many other consumables, LCA also offers unrivalled customer service no matter the size of your business. With over 80 years of experience amongst our team, we can help you with your lighting requirements whether you are fitting out a studio or if you are looking for a small kit for location lighting. We understand the constraints of budgets and deadlines and endeavour to accommodate every client’s request.
Our fully equipped studio on site at our offices in Greenford, is available for industry professionals to use to try out the lighting we supply or to use the facility to test their own equipment or use for their own purposes. The warehouse enables us to hold a wide range of stock for immediate delivery but can source specific requirements and dispatch as soon as possible. The LCA website, lcauk.com, now offers the option for customers to purchase selected products online via a secure payment facility.
LCA works with some of the key manufacturers in the industry including LiteGear, DoPchoice, Hudson Spider, K5600 Lighting, Chimera, Manfrotto, Avenger, Litepanels, Koto, Cineo Lighting, and many more.

Ledixis - Stand 654

At EXALUX we design hardware and software solutions for broadcasting and cinematography.

We truly believe that you deserve state of the art technologies designed to help you set complex lighting configuration in no time.

Lee Filters - Stand 329

LEE Filters are exhibiting their popular range of ProGlass IRND filters. These filters have been specifically designed to meet the exacting needs of all cinematographers – whether shooting digitally or on film. Their precise neutrality ensure all colours remain accurate and true, saving time in the grade and enabling cinematographers to focus on their creative goals.

Licht Technik - Stand 125

Licht-Technik offers lighting products like the SkyLight and Bag-o-Light. Clever accessories like stand “LT-Rex” for Arri S360 and weather protection LT-Raincover a for the Arri-SkyPanels S30 and S60 are also in the product range. Smart lighting solutions for any film project.

LightSource - Stand 118
LiteGear - Stand 304


LSC’s Gen-VI dimmer/distro allows the user to configure each channel to be an 8 or 16-bit dimmer or switch channel using its revolutionary TruPower technology. The APS-Advanced Power System is designed to manage power and avoid nuisance tripping associated with inrush currents of various equipment.


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