bsc expo 2018


1 - 2 February 2019


british society of cinematographers

Exhibitor Directory 2019 – A to F

Battersea Evolution, Battersea, London UK | Opening times: Friday 10am - 7pm Saturday 10am - 5:30pm

2019 Exhibitors

Aaton Digital/Transvideo - Stand 525

Aaton Digital will present the integration of AMBEO, the Sennheiser’s immersive sound technology, in the Cantar familyThe CantarMini 16 tracks audio mixer-recorder besides the CantarX3 will be in full demo and to expand their control nothing better than testing the mixing surfaces, the Cantarem2 with the newest mixing table, the Cantaress.

Transvideo will exhibit new monitors, the StarliteHD-e 5’’ oled records lens metadatas with all Cooke/i lenses or Arri/Zeiss and LDS Lenses captured directly with the camera timecode, offering to the Post-production precious technical information all saved on a SD card. As well Transvideo will present its high-end 7” Monitor-Recorder full HD display, 4K-6G compatible, the Stargate. The latest evolution of the CinemonitorHD but also the innovative and reliable wireless systems as the Starlite RF-a and the TitanHD2 will be in full demo at the stand #525.


The Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS) is a craft guild made up of over 450 of the most imaginative and highly experienced people working in film and television sound.

Our members have been nominated for, and won, many awards both in the UK and internationally.

A.C Entertainment - Stand 101

A.C. Entertainment Technologies – Stand 101

Head to the A.C. Entertainment Technologies stand and see some of the latest cutting edge technologies for both studio and location use. These include the award-winning Chroma-Q Space Force, StageSmarts, LSC, RatPac and our in-house bespoke cable manufacturing facility, Tourflex Cabling.

ARRI - Stand 323

At this year’s BSC Expo, ARRI will present its expanding range of creative tools for film and TV productions. An amazing array of lighting fixtures will illuminate the ARRI booth, including the SkyPanel 360, praised for its brightness and unrivalled controllability.

Also present will be ARRI’s range of digital camera systems—ubiquitous on stages and locations around the globe and supported by ARRI lenses, mechanical and electronic Professional Camera Accessories (including Master Grips) and Camera Stabilizer Systems such as TRINTY, MAXIMA and the new ARRI Stabilized Remote Head (SRH-3). Meanwhile ARRI’s Wireless Video System increases creative control and oversight without adding clutter to the camera configuration, helping crews to improve on-set mobility and efficiency.

Whether you are delivering for IMAX or iPhone, HD, UHD or 4K, SDR or HDR, ARRI—the trusted partner that has been serving the industry for over a century—is constantly developing innovative solutions to expand your creative landscape.

ARRI Rental - Stand 511

ARRI Rental will show its ALEXA 65 large-format camera, along with the current range of available 65 mm format lens options. These include six new optics for the exclusive Prime DNA series, developed in-house through collaborations with major cinematographers and now comprising a total of 14 lenses.

Based on diverse and modified vintage optics, the Prime DNA range is an eclectic collection of characterful lenses, displaying unusual but highly creative image attributes.

Joining the Prime DNA lenses on the stand will be three other exclusive lens series offered by ARRI Rental for the ALEXA 65: Prime 65, Prime 65 S and Vintage 765 lens sets.

Further prime and zoom lenses adapted by ARRI Rental for use with the ALEXA 65 will also be on display, including, among others, Leica Thalia and Cooke S7/i primes, and the Angénieux Type EZ-1 zoom.

Facebook: @ARRIRentalUK

Association of Camera Operators ACO - Stand 359
Available Light NY

Available Light is a specialized lighting/grip company that is based in New York City. We hire the latest lighting and grip gear, trucks, generators, electrics. We have been serving the greater NYC area for 23 years. Please contact us for your next shoot in the New York City area, big or small, we do them all.

Azule Finance

Azule Finance is the leading provider of asset finance and leasing solutions for the Broadcast Industry & Professional Cinematographers in the UK and across Europe.

Get the right finance package to suit your business now by calling +44 (0)1753 580 500 or email

Backstage Equipment - Stand 350

Backstage Equipment Inc, has been designing and manufacturing equipment handling carts and accessories for the Film and Television industry since 1979. We are the largest retailer specialising in Magliner customised products and accessories. We now produce over one hundred specialised carts for virtually every behind-the-scene craft including: Lighting, Grip, Camera, Video, Sound, Photography, Steadi-Cam, DIT, Basecamp and Prop. Our carts and equipment have become standard items for all major studios, rental houses, production centres and freelancers throughout the world. We are represented globally in every major Film Production centre.

We are introducing the new SkyPanel cart at this year’s BSC Expo.

Backstage & Magliner Carts UK has been supplying the Backstage range in the UK and Europe since 2011. We hold full stock of carts, parts and accessories and provide a full after sales service from our London premises.

Contact us by telephone on 020 8493 8383 or visit for more information.

Barbizon - Stand 639

For over 70 years Barbizon has supplied the production community with the best the industry has to offer.

Drop by Stand  to see the latest offerings from Aadyntech, Hive, Mole-Richardson and more.


Bebob – founded in 1995 – are a German electronics and engineering company, best-known for their professional power solutions for cameras and lighting.

Popularised by their Rouge series, Bebob batteries have become an industry-standard, notably in the world of rental where their ruggedness and build-quality has additional gravitas.

Designed with a modular concept, even when the capacity becomes insufficient after years of use, batteries can be easily re-celled – notwithstanding the two year manufacturers warranty.

Rouge batteries are available in both V-Mount and Gold Mount, with a choice of 2-channel or 4-channel simultaneous charging stations.

In addition to conventional cine-style batteries, Bebob have developed CUBE – the world’s first multi-voltage Li-Ion battery with a capacity of more than 1kWh and integrated charger. With a 48V output, it even delivers enough power to run an ARRI S60 at full performance.

Discover more about Bebob and their products on the Octica Professional booth – stand 111.

Black-Tek GmbH - Stand 344

Black-Tek specialises in lightweight grip equipment.

Our suction-cup system allows fast and easy car rigging.

Combine it with the Black-Tek Tower and built your own Camera car out of the box.

For more information visit us on stand 344 or go to

BPS - Stand 519

BPS are a leading UK based dealer for broadcast and production kit including everything from GoPro to ARRI. Working daily with DOPs, rental houses & Film/TV productions, both in the UK and worldwide, we pride ourselves on understanding the latest products for the industry.

As an official dealer for the UK, BPS are showcasing the many ways that GoPro can be used to enhance your next production.

Brother, Brother & Sons (BB&S)

Famed for their remote phosphor technology, BB&S Lighting are a leading manufacturer of award-winning LED fixtures for the film, broadcast & professional video markets.

Rather than applying phosphorous material to the LED directly, BB&S deploy phosphor in a separate panel and place it in front of the LEDs. Removing this direct contact of diode and phosphor alleviates the consequences of phosphor heat effect, ensuring a totally pure light output.

Area 48 is defined by its interchangeable phosphor panels, delivering an unprecedented light quality that is characterised by its even output and exceptionally soft shadow.

Pipeline System delivers the benefits of remote phosphor technology in a unique & modular form factor, as either singular pipes or 4-pipe banks.

Discover more about BB&S and their products on the Octica Professional booth – stand .

British Cinematographer Magazine - Stand 005
British Society of Cinematographers - Stand 005
Camera Revolution - Stand 344

Suppliers of specialised camera Remote systems. From the Libra self stabilised wireless remote system to the Maxima hand held system including all the associated accessories and fully qualified technical support. Also Wire systems for flying cameras, people and SFX from simple point to point to full repeatable 3D wire solutions.

Camberwell Studios

Camberwell Film Studios (London) is an independent film facility with two Film and Video production studios for hire 7 days a week. Both studios are good for sound. We have kit, grip, and sundries on-site. We can supply cameras and lights for hire. And a friendly flexible ‘get-things-done’ approach.

Tel no. 020 7737 0007

Camerimage Film Festival - Stand 363

CAMERIMAGE, the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography is the largest and most recognized festival dedicated to the art of motion picture photography and its creators – cinematographers. The 25th edtition hosted 820 cinematographers, 855 students (representing 185 film schools), 173 journalists and 965 film industry representatives from 60 countries!


Canon - Stand 318

Join Canon on stand 318 to enter a world of exceptional image quality with limitless creative control. Showcased on the stand will be the Cinema EOS C700 and C200, Canon Cinema Raw Lite and an expanded range of Cine EOS lenses.


Carpetlight GmbH

Carpetlight is a unique „shining cloth“, produced in various sizes(ranging from 6”x1’ up to 8×8’) , with a handling just like any other fabric.

With our patent pending technology LEDs are fixed permanently  on a fabric.

All our products are totally flexible , extremely durable at minimum weight and storage requirements.


CARTONI - Stand 300



Casu - Stand 120

Camera Support Granderath ( CaSu ) is a distributor of Camera Support / Grip Equipment

–   Tuffpak octagonal tripod cases with wheels and integrated handles

  • Cinematography Electronics’ Cine Tape Measure the world`s leading continuous ultrasonic distance calculation device
  • Muraro, off-the-shelf as well as custom made light stands

CaSu also designs and develops products with Prosup, their Dutch partner company, such as:

  • the “LapTop Dolly” – a foldaway dolly for track and ground inside a Peli case. It comes with rubber spanners to lock tripods directly to the dolly surface. Optional available are a swivel support with continuously adjustable riser and a telescopic seat extension for cameraman.
  • the “EJib” – an utmost compact, foldaway travel Jib. Setting-up is done in less than 1 minute. Its lift range is of over 1,60m (5ft.) with a maximum height of about 3m (9ft)- depending on the tripod.
  • the Prosup slider called “Tango Roller” which comes with magnetic end stops. It can be extended to whatever track length. The Tango’s lightweight design makes it an easy portable location companion. The Tango beam in conjunction with the Undersling bracket enables you to put the Tango in an underslung mode on light stands.
    First time on display the “electric Tango” remote unit – developed in the UK.

CaSu/Prosup also make the Plover which puts Vinten and Sachtler pedestal columns on tracks as well as other bits and pieces which make life easier for Grips such as:

The Prosup Gimble leveling head is the perfect tool when it comes to car rigging or rigging in general. It levels the camera with an tilt angle of +/-15° and can be provided with a suction cup.

The Prosup Power Grip wedge is ideal to angle cameras with an tilt of 180°. It can hold up to 50kg camera load and can also be connected to a suction cup.

The Prosup 100 to 150mm adapter. Many equipment manufacturers can reduce but going up with the fluid head cup is unique. With this adapter you can indeed mount a 150mm fluid head ontop of specially shaped 100mm Prosup bowl bases.

The Prosup Mitchell/150mm adapter combines both of these options. Onto a Mitchell or 150mm tripod you can mount Prosup’s Tango Roller or EJib – though their bottom mount is made for 100mm tripods.

The Prosup Angle Ball Joints are not only 28mm (1 1/8”Junior studs) spigots for light stand. Their top 3/8” thread is conjoined with a ball so it can be tilted in any direction thus enabling whatever is mounted (sliders, lights…) to be in an angled position.

The vast majority of our equipment will be on display at BSC Expo – so please stop by!


CCK Media

CCK Media is the supplier of Data Storage and Archive Solutions for Digital Production and Workflow. CCK Media supply a range of storage products for Production, DIT’s, Digital Lab Service Providers, Post-Production and Archive.

Chimera Lighting - Stand 148

CHIMERA designs and manufactures quality lighting control products for film, video, and still photography. Our lighting products consistently help professionals worldwide deliver perfect light, which often results in award-winning imagery.

At the BSC Expo this year you can explore the relaunched compact, portable Panel Frame system, alongside the industry standard Chimera softboxes for LED and hot light sources.

Based near Boulder, Colorado, USA, Chimera has been designing and manufacturing lighting control accessories for nearly 40 years. From the original Illuminata light bank, which was inspired by the design of compact and rugged high-altitude tents, to the continuing development of products for an ever evolving imaging industry.


The award-winning Space Force by Chroma-Q is a cutting-edge variable white LED source replacement for conventional space/soft lights used in film and TV studios. Tuneable from 2,800K to 6,500K, lightweight, energy efficient, passively cooled and with a diffused output so no skirts/silks required.


Our west London based, bespoke storage facility specifically designed for Film & TV crew offers:

  • 24 Hour access
  • Free delivery/collection PV & ARR
  • Onsite equipment maintenance and engineering
  • Space to prep
  • PAT testing, monitor calibration, equipment hire.

High security warehouse equipped with CCTV, Grade 4 Alarm system, full ‘any risk’ insurance

Cineo Lighting - Stand 147

Introducing the NBCUniversal LightBlade® Series – versatile production lighting modules featuring reference-quality tunable white light combined with a separate Rec.2020 saturated color system, available in multiple configurations. Lighting professionals can selectively layer saturated color on top of white light, providing endless options for different shades, tints, and tones without sacrificing the white light quality critical for production and broadcast lighting.

The basic Lightblade module is a linear 4’ fixture that can be used individually, or “clicked” together on mounting plates that adapt 1, 2 or 4 Lightblades to standard grip gear. Developed by Cineo Lighting, the Lightblade outputs up to 8,000 lumens of high-CRI white light, tunable from 2700K to 6500K. The white light output can be blended with the built-in high-output RGB saturated color engine, providing unlimited lighting control possibilities. Each Lightblade is powered by 24VDC and controllable via DMX and RDM protocols.

The LightBlade series also includes two additional pre-configured systems: the Lightblade Ladder, and the 4’ x 4’ Lightblade LB1K.

Building on NBC Universal’s patented innovations, the Ladder integrates 12 Lightblades in a 14’ vertical configuration, ideal for lighting set backdrops. The Ladder light can be controlled as a single fixture or as 6 independent zones. This offers the ability to change color and intensity in different regions being lit by the Ladder, including mimicking movement and shadowing within a single fixture.

The LightBlade LB1K is a 1,000 Watt soft source composed of 20 individual Lightblades in a 4’x4’ footprint making a sleek and powerful lighting tool, both on-set or on-location. The LB1K features a simple user interface with an intuitive control panel for local control, and both wired and wireless DMX/RDM remote control. The LB1K can be managed as a singular-output lighting tool, or can be mapped into 10 zones across the fixture surface that can create dynamic lighting environments such as motion and chromatic effects.

The NBCUniversal LightBlade combines NBCUniversal’s decades of production and broadcast experience with Cineo’s award-winning proprietary technologies, providing new tools for motion picture, television production, broadcast, and concert touring.


Operating from their London showroom HQ, CINEGEARPRO are global dealers and distributors of a wide range of carefully selected filmmaking products. We pride ourselves on giving you the best impartial advice possible.

We ensure quality and great prices through our enduring partnerships with brands like TiLTA, Aputure, PDMOVIE, SmallRig, G.L OPTICS and Zhiyun- Tech, and many more. We’ll be bringing a range of their most exciting new products to BSC 2018 including:

Aputure 300d COB LED Light

TiLTA Nucleus M Follow Focus System, Gravity G1 3-axis Gimbal

Zhiyun-Tech SmoothQ, Crane 2 3-axis Gimbal

Nisi Cinema Filters

G.L OPTICS latest rehoused Cine Lenses

ATOMOS and SEETEC 4K UHD Broadcast Monitors

Falconeyes Flexible LED Panels Bi-Color Ultra Thin Soft Edge Lights

Ultra-thin SDI/ HDMI cable solutions

2km FULL HD Wireless transmitter

HQ Address and Demo Showroom:


38 Waterson Street London

E2 8HL

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7998 0905




Cinelex - Stand

Cinelex are a UK-based designer & manufacturer of universal wireless DMX light control systems, addressing the specific needs of TV & film production.

TRX is an all-in-one receiver & transmitter that enables wireless control of any DMX-capable light.

SKYNODE is a USB-powered wireless DMX receiver that has been designed for effortless integration with ARRI SkyPanel.

Designed to be lightweight and portable, DESK-TX8 is the ideal solution for a truly wireless DMX control experience.

All Cinelex products are cross-compatible – incorporating LumenRadio protocol – bringing wireless DMX to the production industry for the first time.

Discover more about Cinelex and their products on the Octica Professional booth – stand 111.

Cine Power International - Stand 622

We’ve got the Power…..

We definitely have lots of  good clean reliable power for camera, lighting and grip.

Each of these departments have a need for reliable and robust sources of battery power.

With our extensive range of batteries, DC power solutions, lightig ballasts and accessories we are able to supply

just that.  ALL our batteries are “Safe to Fly” without restrictions and without special packaging.

Using our DC Driver  the Arri Skypanel S60 and S120 can run at FULL power from a regular 30V Cine Power lighting battery.

One of our specialities is supplying power to the Grip department, they have a need for reliable robust and high quality battery power.  We have an extensive range of batteries to choose from for Grip applications.  Magnum 60, is a high powered NiMH dual output battery  which has proven itself to be one of best sources of portable power, together with the HD30 dual output battery these two batteries are a popular choice from our extensive range and  together with the well proven and respected Powerbank battery are used to power all the leading remote heads currently in use today.

The Camera department too is in need of reliable and robust power as today’s digital cameras are very power hungry indeed.  The need to have the camera “on”  for extended periods means that the camera needs a battery that is able to deliver the power instantly and at all times.  We have the power for them too. There are several styles, shapes and capacities suitable for all popular HD cameras and High Speed cameras to choose from.

In fact we do have the largest and most versatile, safe,  rechargeable battery range available to choose from.  ALL auto fast charge and guaranteed to give you long performance life of at least 4 – 5 years before requiring re-cell.

We look forward to seeing  you at the show, and helping you with your power requirements.



Cintek specialises in Cinematic technology. Exhibiting the all new Tokina Vista range of  lenses, 18mm 25mm, 35mm, 50mm ,85mm from Tokina and some great new lenses from Gecko-cam.

Cirrolite - Stand 529

Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd

25 years of collaboration on features, commercials, SFX & broadcast with Academy Award winning: Kino Flo, Dedolight, Matthews Studio Equipment, Lightning Strikes and SoftSun.


cmotion is a well-established and continually growing company based in Vienna, Austria. Since 2002, cmotion have designed, developed and sold quality lens and camera control systems to the film and broadcast market with products ranging from simple budget driven solutions to the flagship cvolution – the most modular, ergonomic and multifunctional wireless system available. Over the years, cmotion have also implemented several commissioned developments for leading manufacturers of cameras, lenses and even dollies. And, by embracing the latest technology, cmotion have been able to enhance and improve functionality for existing product lines as well as introduce ground-breaking innovations based on feedback and inspiration from our customers and strategic partners. cmotion reacts quickly to market changes and are proud to be one of the world’s most respected lens and camera control manufacturers, synonymous with functionality, reliability and ergonomic build quality. Owners and operators of cmotion products rely confidently on consistent quality and reliability thanks to the highly qualified and experienced team, the most important factor of cmotion’s success. And, with over 1,500 systems currently in use worldwide, cmotion inspires a growing international community. cmotion’s achievements have also been rewarded by the industry with Cinec Awards in 2006 and 2008 and the Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science in 2007.

Cooke Optics - Stand 338

Seen for the first time at BSC EXPO: NEW Cooke S7/i Full Frame Plus and Cooke Panchro/i Classic prime lenses. More: Cooke S4/i, Cooke Anamorphic/i, Anamorphic/i SF (“Special Flair”), and the Cooke S4/I and miniS4/i lenses with and without coatings.

CVP - Stand 001

With over 30 years’ experience, CVP is one of the leading Film and Television solution providers in the UK and Europe – with a comprehensive sales and support infrastructure, excellent pre and post sales engineering and strong relationships with all key manufacturers, our dedicated team provides the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your next project.

Visit us at stand 001 where you will be able to get hands on all the latest kit and speak to the experts.

CW Sonderoptic - Stand 001

Experience the new large format Leica Thalia lenses from CW Sonderoptic, which bring a unique character and style to bigger formats in an incredibly compact lens. Also, check out the Leica M 0.8 lenses on the ARRI Alexa Mini camera, the smallest full frame lenses in cinema with character to spare. CW Sonderoptic, known for their Leica Summicron-C and Summilux-C lenses, is proud to demonstrate our newest lens offerings with unique looks in a variety of formats to offer cinematographers more options for fulfilling their creative vision.

Daylight Grip & Textiles - Stand 319


Dedolight are renowned for providing some of the best optically designed lighting instruments currently available. Dedo products are used for lighting feature films, commercials, documentaries, television studios, still and DSLR work, and can be applied to almost all photographic applications where quality images are required.

At the BSC Expo 2018 Dedolight will be introducing its new LED fixtures: mobile DLED10 and studio unit DLED30; and also a new reflected light system for creative elements and backgrounds – Eflect.

Definition/Pro Moviemaker Magazine

Pro Moviemaker
Pro Moviemaker is packed with news, gear, technique features and case studies from aspiring and working videomakers. The magazine is available in print on newsstands and digitally via Apple and Google app stores.

Since 2003, Definition has been inspiring the cinema and broadcast worlds, revealing the latest technologies and trends and predicting the future for every aspect of the ever-changing professional market from capture to distribution.


DENZ manufactures high-end camera accessories for the video and film industry for nearly 50 years. DENZ presents its high lights like the new remote projector MFC65 for medium format lenses, the new compact test projector PLC for full frame lenses and the director’s viewfinder OIC-35A for anamorphic and spherical lenses.

DMG Lumiere - Stand 544

Founded in 1910, Rosco is a leader in products for the entertainment, film & television industries. Best known for lighting filters, the company offers products in more than a dozen categories, including LED fixtures, green screen paint and backdrops. With the recent acquisition of LED specialist DMG Lumière, Rosco extends its lighting range with new exciting products.

Come at BSC 2018 – stand  to discover our latest products!

  • DMG Lumière Switch LED lighting family. Rosco is excited to show at BSC 2018 the innovative lighting DMG Lumière Switch range. Filmmakers have praised the Switch range and lighting professionals for their impressive power-to-size/weight ratio and versatility, which make them the ideal set lighting tools.





The DMG MINI Switch is a super lightweight and portable panel that can be used everywhere. Weighing only 1.7Kg and with an output of 85W, the MINI Switch is designed for versatility. The MINI Switch comes with a wide range of accessories, which fit nicely in only one bag, making it the perfect companion on any set, location, or confined space, or for documentary shooting.





The DMG SL1 Switch was the first light created by the Lumière brothers. The SL1 Switch is the foot soldier of the range, bringing security and comfort to any set. The thin, yet sturdy aluminium housing surrounds high quality white LEDs that deliver an output of 170W of bi-colour light. The SL1 Switch drivers allow the unit to be completely flicker-free with dimmable capability close to zero percent. Together with a broad range of diffusion and rigging accessories, this fixture is autonomous and versatile.




The DMG MAXI Switch is the newest and largest light of the Switch family. It was developed based on feedback received from MINI Switch and SL1 Switch users who wanted a bigger and brighter light. The MAXI Switch can deliver an outstanding 520W of LED power. The fixture is a mechanical marvel, built from two panels joined together by a smart hinge that allows it to fold, and makes it easy to transport. The two panels can also work separately and be controlled in “split mode”.




SoftDrop™ backdrops. Rosco’s award winning backdrops have been developed in a new seamless fabric solution easier to fold, ship, and install. Offered in all of our Frontlight, Backlight or Day/Night Backdrop technologies, SoftDrop backdrops can be produced as large as 39’h x 170’w (11.89m h x 51.82m w) – allowing filmmakers to shoot from any angle or position avoiding visible seams.













  • Silk™ LED soft light family. Rosco Silk fixtures are specifically developed for film and video applications that demand extremely colour-accurate, high-quality light. Utilizing proprietary, state-of-the-art, tungsten & daylight balanced LEDs, the Silk range is capable of producing a high volume of light output at colour temperatures ranging from 2800K – 6500K. The output from Rosco Silk LED fixtures has been validated using TLCI test algorithms as a source of the highest quality. The resulting metrics indicate that Rosco Silk fixtures will require virtually no correction in post-production.

The Silk range has been extended to 5 fixtures to satisfy the requirements of the most discerning filmmakers. The range includes the compact Silk 110, 210, and 205 and the high-volume light output 305 and 220.

















Check out the full Rosco and DMG Lumière product ranges on our websites: and

Exalux - Stand 654

At EXALUX we design hardware and software solutions for broadcasting and cinematography.

We truly believe that you deserve state of the art technologies designed to help you set complex lighting configuration in no time.


Through their bespoke technology, USA-based Fiilex have taken a fresh approach to manufacturing professional LED lighting for the professional video production industry.

Instead of individually packaged LED diodes, Fiilex applies a unique wrapping method that densely packs many light emitting diodes together within a single reflective lens – known as Dense Matrix LED. This compact placement of LEDs creates a powerful array that is no bigger than a coin and produces an intense specular light.

Fiilex’s Dense-Matrix technology is incorporated across the product range, covering the compact & lightweight P180 & P360 through to the high-powered Q-Series & Matrix.

Discover more about Fiilex and their products on the Octica Professional booth – stand .

Film & Digital Times

Film and Digital Times is an inside-the-industry look at the art, technique and technology of motion picture production: how-to and how not to, style and strategies, nuts and bolts, tips and trends for Cinematographers, Directors, Producers, Rental Houses, Manufacturers, Camera Assistants, Camera Operators, Photographers, Videographers, Gaffers, Grips, Students, and Faculty. FDTimes is published on paper, online and on iPad every two months by Jon Fauer, ASC. Jon is an award-winning cinematographer and director who has written 12 bestselling books, famous for their user-friendly way of explaining things as if you’re right there on location with him.


Flowcine is about producing high quality accessories for professional DoPs. Our focus is on products to support camera operators and solve stabilisation issues. From handheld, vehicles, on land or water, Flowcine have camera and gimbal support covered.


Focus24 is a high end production partner, providing creative solutions to camera professionals.

For 2018 we’re continuing to innovate using the latest technology and bespoke service driven solutions; beginning with our upgraded facility mapped out with extensive input from camera crews and continuing with strong collaborations.


Designed for filmmakers, the FL-600 & FL-1200 from Fomex redefines expectations for LED lighting, delivering all the performance of regular lighting fixtures in a lightweight, thin and flexible form-factor.

Flexible LED by Fomex can be moulded and placed directly into obscure positions and crevices – locations where traditional lighting cannot be used.

Light output is accurate, with FL-600 scoring a near-perfect 98 out of 100 in the TLCI colour test.

With an IP64 rain and dust protection rating, Flexible LED is a true location-agnostic solution. Whether operated in a dusty workshop or out in the rain, Flexible LED by Fomex is built for operation in demanding environments.

Discover more about Fomex and their products on the Octica Professional booth – stand .

Fujifilm UK Ltd.

FUJINON Cine Zoom lenses are perfect for all levels of shooting, from high-end movies to independent documentaries. FUJIFILM with have their complete range of Premier, Cabrio and MK lenses on display for you to try out at BSC Expo 2018 so come and find out how using them on your next production could revolutionise the way you shoot.

Media Partners

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the cine eye
definition magazine
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