bsc expo 2018


1 - 2 February 2019


british society of cinematographers

Exhibitor Directory 2018: S to Z

2018 Exhibitors 

Schneider Kreuznach - Stand 235

Lenses and filters to pursue your creativity

Schneider-Kreuznach lenses and filters are the high-quality tools for professional and creative filming.
Our lenses impress with excellent imaging quality, very low distortion and the harmonious image of uncertain elements in the background.
This lens range is complemented by a series of matching filters.

Focus unleashed – a revolution in cinematic storytelling

The world’s first full-frame cine primes to offer dynamic tilt functionality!

These innovative lenses combine a similar form factor and capabilities as our standard Xenon FF-Primes with an added tilt function up to +/- 4°. By sustaining the field of view during focus and tilt actions, the new cine-tilt design means that previously unimaginable images can be taken by moving and tilting the focus plane. These lenses make it possible to capture out-of-focus areas in the frame, especially when using tilt with a large aperture. A 4° tilt angle on the sensor plane corresponds to an 80° focal plane, which varies according to the selected focal length and aperture setting.

Radiant Soft and RHOdium FSND filters

The new Radiant Soft and RHOdium FSND Filters were a huge hit in 2017 !

The Radiant Soft filters have really taken off since their introduction, with many cinematographers regaling the beauty it adds to their images, with very little blooming to the highlights and retaining contrast throughout the images.

As we walked around the different show it was pretty clear that the FSND market is getting flooded with several options, leaving the consumer overwhelmed at which ND is the right one.
So what sets Schneider-Kreuznach RHOdium FSND filters apart from the others?  Let’s break it down:

  • New camera technology = new filter technology. The FSND filters are now our most neutral to date!
  • Controls the IR within the full visible spectrum and into the near infra-red.
  • Available in densities from 0.3 to 3.0 vs only to 2.1 as most of the other companies are stopping at. With native camera ISOs averaging 800, heavier ND is becoming more and more necessary.
  • And finally – what all owner/operators and rental houses want from a filter is durability. Other FSND filters on the market are coated or laminated on the outside of the filter, leaving your filter extremely vulnerable to damage to that coating, which means you’ll be replacing filters more often. The Schneider-Kreuznach RHOdium FSND laminate is sandwiched between the glass layers keeping your filter working for years longer than any of the competitors.

Senna Ltd. - Stand 433

Senna Ltd has been creating innovative broadcast equipment and camera robotics for the past decade. Being in at the start of the DSLR revolution, the Senna team has created powerful and creative production tools for DSLR users. Aiming for innovation and simplicity at the same time, they have put their considerable experience into producing lightweight and easy-to-use wireless devices giving reliable results even in remote locations. Motion control, auto memory recall and wireless control are no longer restricted to high budget productions, but have been made available for all by Senna’s innovation. New reveals are innovative LED light systems – LightStation, LightWall, Four Spot and Five Me Five. Extremely strong, high quality lighting with wireless total recall system enables the operator to set and store different light scenes, fading and playlists of light presets.

SES Entertainment - Stand 119

SES is the leading manufacturers of power distribution products for the entertainment industry. We design and manufacture our products to meet the specific demands of our customers, as well as stocking ‘off the shelf’ products. “What you need, the way you need it” this is the moto for SES.

Shift4 - Stand 603

Shift 4 are one of the UK’s leading facilities hire companies. We supply cameras, camera accessories, lenses, lighting, grip and sound equipment to commercials, drama, broadcast television and corporate productions.  We carry the latest models as well as reliable favourites and a number of unusual and hard-to-find items. We’re a trusted authority when it comes to technology.

We pride ourselves on our immaculate equipment but also take quality of service to the next level: our processes are slick and seamless and our unrivalled attention to detail means problems are pre-empted and solved. Our skilled staff, high calibre of in-house engineering and 24/7 technical support are designed to give peace of mind.

We offer a crewing service and manage an extensive portfolio of freelancers. We provide free professional training and equipment demos through the Shift 4 Academy. Confident in a solid reputation built on recommendation and long-lasting relationships, we have a broad, loyal and ever-growing client base including production companies as well as crew.

We look forward to meeting you at BSC Expo 2018.

+44 (0)20 8809 8680

Sigma Imaging UK - Stand 227

Revolutionary lenses for the era of
high resolution digital cinematography

Performance born of SIGMA’s experience in ultra-high megapixel digital photography— now ready to take on every challenge in the world of cinematography.

In the new era of high-resolution movie production, the arrival of reasonably priced, high-performance digital cinema cameras has changed the standard of what makes an excellent product in the industry and has expanded the freedom and potential of movie production. At the same time, when it comes to cine lenses, price and brand recognition are still often taken as proof of performance, which ends up being proportional to the production budget. In contrast to consumer products, professional cinema equipment is by its nature difficult to manufacture in volume, in turn causing lens R&D and innovations in manufacturing technology to lag behind progress in cameras. But SIGMA is different. Responding to the demanding requirements for lenses in the era of ultra-high megapixel still photography, SIGMA has developed the technologies required to produce high-performance lenses in volume. They have what it takes to offer a new solution to the cine lens market.

A lineup offering an astonishing combination of specifications and value— all thanks to our ultra-efficient vertically integrated production system.

At SIGMA’s sole production site, the Aizu factory, they perform nearly all processes in-house, from parts and mold production to final lens assembly. This vertically integrated production system comprises both product development and manufacturing, making it a true one-stop resource. Their artisans bring expertise and skill together at the highest level in the pursuit of outstanding optical performance, while their suite of leading-edge manufacturing technologies make possible ultra-efficient, highly precise volume production. Offering a full lineup that delivers compact design and maximum optical performance at minimal cost. A lineup that satisfies every professional film making need while expanding the freedom and potential of cinematography. A lineup that leverages minimal equipment and investment to maximum results. With the goal of providing uniquely innovative lenses and unprecedented value, SIGMA has developed its new line of cine lenses

100% retained: ultra-high-performance optical system

SIGMA has combined the highest level of optical performance with compact design while keeping the cost of development and production to a minimum. SIGMA has played the leading role in the current era of 50-megapixel-plus ultra-high resolution still photography. Now, in the realm of cine lenses, SIGMA is leveraging the outstanding optical performance of its Global Vision still lens lineup, which has been acclaimed by photographers around the world. Featuring the same high-quality optical components including lens cells and aperture mechanisms, these cine lenses deliver the highest level of optical performance and amazing value

100% new: mechanical structure

While retaining the same superb optical system, SIGMA’s cine lenses feature a completely updated mechanical structure. Supported by this new design, the optimized specification includes all of the essential functions required for modern cinematography. Since its foundation, SIGMA has believed in achieving top performance via high-precision parts.
This principle and SIGMA’s leading-edge manufacturing technologies have made possible ultra-high-efficiency mass production of these new lens lines.


SmallHD - Stand 534

SmallHD designs and manufactures cutting-edge on-camera and production monitors for video production applications. Their wide range of products cater to both the feature requirements of professional cinematographers as well as the limited budgets of students hobbyists.

Solid Grip Systems - Stand 629

SolidGripSystems is a Dutch based manufacturer with its focus on traditional camera-movement. Our CenterFold BarTracks are very well received as well as our sustaining TwinDolly. We are working grips so we now your demands on grip-equipment.

Sony - Stand 506

Sony welcomes you to join our CineAlta team at the BSC Expo. We will be showcasing products such as the new VENICE and the F55.

VENICE officially comes to market in February 2018 so this is a great chance for you to experience its great features.

StageSmarts - Stand 107

New to AC-ET’s portfolio, the award-winning StageSmarts smartPDU provides intelligent power distribution. The status of every single channel can be remotely monitored through a web browser.

Studios at Camberwell - Stand 133

Camberwell Film Studios (London) is an independent film facility with two Film and Video production studios for hire 7 days a week. Both studios are good for sound. We have kit, grip, and sundries on-site. We can supply cameras and lights for hire. And a friendly flexible ‘get-things-done’ approach.

Teradek - Stand 534

Teradek manufactures professional wireless video, lens control, and color processing systems for cinematographers and independent content creators, as well as IP video devices and software for live streaming, switching, and routing. All Teradek devices are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.


The Bionic Eye - Stand 131

Bionic Eye is showcasing Gryphon Dynamics Cine range of renowned drone packages designed for film and photography, with unparalleled lift capabilities and configurations.

With airframes thoroughly tested on the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, television commercials and dramas to ensure seamless operation in a variety of conditions day in day out.

The Helicopter Girls - Stand 104a

The Helicopter Girls Ltd is a leading provider of drone aerial film services operating internationally. Established 2011, we specialise in the use of cutting edge UAV and stabilisation technologies to craft close aerials for film and television.

Our team really care about the work we do. We operate the safest, most reliable aircraft systems on the market alongside the fantastic MoVI Pro stabilisation gimbals which can carry an Alexa Mini or Red camera payload with lenses from Ultra Primes to Hawk V Lite anamorphics. Our crew is built on experience, with expert pilots and aerial camera operators who have thousands of hours experience behind them. Credits include Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Jack Ryan (Paramount), Strike (BBC), Endeavour (ITV), Da Vinci’s Demons (Fox) and many TV commercials.

Safety is our highest priority, we are a top tier CAA approved operator with trusted relationships with the Regulators, NATS, councils and 1st Option Safety. We carry £10 million public liability.

2018 sees The Helicopter Girls open a satellite office in Morocco giving productions unique swift access to professional heavy lift drone services without import delays.


The Production Guild - Stand F6
Tokina Vista - Stand 133

Tokina Cinema has introduced the new Vista T1.5 prime lenses. These revolutionary new lenses feature a huge 46.7 mm image circle making these lenses compatible with nearly every motion picture camera sensor on the market including VistaVision Format. The new Vista series are all exact same size and gear position for easy set up and workflow. Ultra sharp with nearly zero image breathing during focus pulls.


Top-Teks - Stand 101

Hollyland offer the Best in Market Wireless Video Solutions at a fraction of the cost of the market leader. Users constantly remark on how the Hollyland Cosmo Range outperforms the competition in the work environment. The Cosmo is highly reliable, but if anything does goes wrong, UK support and warranty are provided locally by Top-Teks Ltd.

The range starts with the Cosmo 400, giving 400’ minimum distance, up to the Cosmo 1000/1000x combination giving a whopping 3300ft for not much more than the cost of the competitions 500’ system.

Some customer comments:

“Try this rig for simple cost effective 1080p video transmission. Despite having a less flashy feature set than teradek we have experienced none of the complications of the pricier competition. We never think about it, it just works and we feel, with less signal degradation!”

“I have been using the Hollyland TX /RX with my Sony F5 and small HD DP9 monitor. Much like the competition it produces good quality pictures with little or no latency. Unlike the competition the connection time is very short, from turning the TX & RX on they seem to pair in a few seconds and hold a very stable picture. This is great when you have a director who wanders off with the monitor and comes back moaning that the picture has gone.”

“The Hollyland equals and in most cases beats the more expensive competition when it comes to connection.”

Built from high quality materials and featuring cutting edge technology, the Cosmo Range provide zero latency with no compression 4:2:2 Full HD Video. For a reliable Wireless Video System that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Hollyland Cosmo on stand 101 with Top Teks Ltd.

Tourflex Cabling - Stand 107

Tourflex Cabling stock thousands of metres of popular cables – including H07 RNF and H05 RRF – and many industry standard connectors including Tourmate HMI and BAC. Made to order, dispatching specialised cable assemblies with customer branding, colour coding, bar coding and RFID identification to over 80 countries.

Towergate Insurance - Stand 441

True Lens Services - Stand 613

True Lens Services (TLS) is recognised worldwide amongst high end filmmakers for its bespoke lens innovation and reputable expertise in the design, manufacturing and servicing of lenses. Its comprehensives services include the conversion, servicing and repairing of lenses from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Additional support services include the servicing of grip equipment, tripods, heads, jibs and other equipment that require regular preventative maintenance. The technicians at TLS display a wealth of industry knowledge from years of extensive optical and engineering experience, and in addition to lens servicing and conversions, also offer unique product designs and tailor made packages to suit clients’ optical requirements.

Follow TLS on Twitter @WeAreTLS and Instagram @truelensservices to stay up-to-date on the latest updates and industry news.

True ND - Stand 111

True ND filters are made in Japan utilising the very latest filter technology and offer true neutrality.

As expected from a Japanese manufacturer, True ND filters are produced under strict pollution free conditions to ensure that quality and tolerance are exact from every filter, every time.

They are clean, consistent, and handle any IR contamination fully without any colour shift. The quality of ND filtration should never be overlooked, particularly so when using modern digital cinema cameras.

Available in two sizes, 4×5.65 & 6.6×6.6, and in 7 densities; 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 & 2.1.

Discover more about True ND and their products on the Octica Professional booth – stand 111.

Velvet Light - Stand 111

Adoption of LED lighting for professional use continues to grow, with European pioneer VELVET Light leading the way.

Constructed from durable aluminium and individually assembled to exacting standards, VELVET Lights are built to last. A one-piece heat sink maintains optimum running temperature, without the need for noisy fans.

Defined by their unique soft wraparound light quality, VELVET Lights feature advanced LED drivers ensuring accurate and consistent colour and luminosity – covering the full colour temperature range of 2700K to 6500K.

VELVET Lights are available in sizes to suit every application – be it studio or location.

Discover more about VELVET Light and their products on the Octica Professional booth – stand 111.

VER - Stand 520

VER is a global leader in equipment rental, dry hire and full service production to the entertainment, motion picture, live event and broadcast media industries.

Our advanced creative solutions, support and expert project management services encompass every aspect of the production process from pre-visualisation, design and engineering to building sophisticated cinematographic Enhanced Environments that help make ideas reality.


Video Europe - Stand 621

Video Europe are the UK’s leading equipment hire, crew and live events TV and Digital Cinema company. From the latest equipment to the perfect production, from complicated locations to state-of-the-art Outside Broadcast Facilities – Video Europe is the answer


Vitec Group - Stand 538

The Vitec Group plc is a leading global provider of premium branded products and services that enable users to capture and share outstanding images, Vitec brings together some of the most respected, innovative, and sought-after brands: Anton/Bauer, Autocue, Autoscript, Camera Corps, JOBY, Litepanels, Lowepro, OConnor, OffHollywood, Paralinx, RTMotion, Sachtler, SmallHD, Teradek, The Camera Store, Wooden Camera, and Vinten.

Wooden Cameras - Stand 534

Wooden Camera engineers and manufacturers camera accessories for professional and amateur filmmakers.

Wex Photo Video - Stand 611

Established in 1997, Wex Photo Video has helped over 800,000 photographers and filmmakers achieve their goals. Wex’s dedication to service, expertise and customer satisfaction is underpinned by competitive prices and the largest range of any UK retailer. The website is complemented by a specialist customer contact team, extensive online content, regular events and nine stores across the UK, with sales, rental, repair and technical advice available seven days a week.

Zeiss - Stand 504

ZEISS is an international leader in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. Our photography and cinematography lenses feature exceptionally high quality workmanship combined with legendary ZEISS quality.

ZEISS have helped to create distinctive images in many famous movies including Spectre, Skyfall, Life of Pi and ARGO, just to name a few. The winning combination of great flexibility and optimal performance means ZEISS lenses are perfectly designed to match your application requirements. ZEISS lenses provide endless opportunities whatever the situation.

Join us on stand to discover more from our portfolio of lenses spanning our photography and cinematography portfolio, including the newly launched ZEISS Compact Prime CP.3 XD Lenses and the ZEISS Lightweight Zoom LWZ.3