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Friday 3rd February

11:30-12:00 Focus pulling in the next dimension - a premium tool for storytellers (Schneider-Kreuznach)

Utilising Out-of- Focus areas is a powerful way to guide the audience through your story. With a closer look at these areas there is much more to spot than a lack of sharpness. Dynamic tilt pulling can revolutionise your understanding of depth of field in favour of your storytelling. On the basis of some examples we want to take your capabilities in utilizing out-of- focus areas to the next level.

Presenter: Dr. Michael Schottner – Technical Product Manager

With a background in physic, optics and human vision and many years of experience as optical designer in numerous field of optics, Dr. Michael Schottner is now responsible for the optical properties of Schneider-Kreuznach products in the Photo and Cine division.

Michael Schottner

12:30-13:00 Tiffen

Presentation to be announced

13:30-14:00 Base Grade – A new and photographic approach to colour grading from Filmlight

Presenter: Daniele Siragusano – Workflow Specialist

In this seminar, Daniele Siragusano will explain and demonstrate the concept and technology behind FilmLight’s new primary colour grading operator, Base Grade.

This novel approach to colour grading exploits the true nature of digital image acquisition and digital image reproduction. Base Grade aims to bring familiar and intuitive colour grading control to DoPs, DIT and Colourists.

14:30-16:10 Retaining The Vision – BSC/EDCF Panel

Moderator: David Monk (CEO European Digital Cinema Forum)



Iain Softley (Director/Producer/UK Directors Board member)

Nic Knowland BSC (Cinematographer/BSC Governor)

Mike Eley BSC (Cinematographer/BSC Governor

Paul Collard (Film & Digital Services Consultant, Friend of the BSC)

Greg Fisher (Senior Colourist at CO3)

Mike Bradbury (Group Head of Cinema Technology at Odeon/UCI Cinemas)

Creatives in discussion with David Monk CEO of the European Digital Cinema Forum and other projection and post experts on the challenges of retaining ‘The Look’ from shoot through grade to cinema screens, TV, internet platforms, disk’s etc.


Dave MonkWorked for 38 years with Texas Instruments (TI), one of the enabling companies of Digital Cinema with its DLP Cinema™ technology.,. David was Vice President of TI Europe and Chairman and Managing Director of TI’s UK and Ireland Subsidiaries before retiring in 2004. For the last four years he has been the producer for IBC ‘s D Cinema Theme Day.

He is a technology advisor to the UK’s Film and Television Academy – BAFTA.  An active member of The British Kinomatic Sound and Television Society.  An advisor to the National Film Theatre’s Digital Test Bed Project.

A regular contributor at Conferences on Digital Cinema evolution and technology across the globe.

He received an Honorary Doctorate in 1999 from the City University and is now a visiting Professor of MicroElectronics at the City University, London.

He was appointed as EDCF CEO in 2006

Iain Softley

Iain Softley has made a wide range of Internationally acclaimed and award winning films as director, writer and producer.

His first film, BACKBEAT, which he wrote and directed, opened the Sundance Film Festival and went on to receive a BAFTA Award nomination for Best British Film. Iain received Best Newcomer Awards from The London Film Critics Circle and Empire Magazine.

Iain’s latest project was the two part BBC film THE OUTCAST with George MacKay and Jessica Brown Findlay which was transmitted on BBC1 to critical acclaim.

Following Backbeat, Iain went on to make HACKERS starring Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie in her feature film debut. HACKERS was released in the US and the UK in 2016.

THE WINGS OF THE DOVE starred Helena Bonham Carter and Linus Roache. It premiered at The Venice and Toronto Film Festivals. The film earned 4 Academy Award nominations, and won a number of awards including two BAFTAs and multiple acting honors for Bonham Carter.

Iain’s next two films (for Universal Studios) topped the US box office, K-PAX, starring Kevin Spacey, and Jeff Bridges and THE SKELETON KEY with Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, Peter Saarsgard and John Hurt.

Other film credits include INKHEART, from Cornelia Funke’s best selling book, with Helen Mirren, Paul Bettany and Jim Broadbent.In 2010 Iain directed a stage production of his debut film BACKBEAT for The Glasgow Citizens Theatre which subsequently transferred to the West End, Toronto and Los Angeles.

Nic Knowland

Nic KnowlandNic came into in the film industry through still photography in the early 60’s. He soon became a much sought after documentary cinematographer working on many World In Action programmes for Granada though the highly respected outfit Alan King Associates.

He became a founding member of Tattooist International in 1970 and during the 70’s worked on programmes such a Horizon for the BBC as well as becoming John and Yoko’s steady cameraman making films like Imagine, Bed Peace.

In the mid 70’s he co-founded ICE to serve as an agent for Aaton who were introducing a new generation of Super 16 cameras that he had helped to develop.

There followed a period in which he became one of the’ Promo King DP’s ‘ of the UK shooting iconic promos like Imagine for John Lennon, Vienna for UltraVox and Rio for Duran Duran, all have which been voted as Best of the Century or Best Ever at various times .

He also has worked on many Dance/Physical Theatre films, Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men and Strange Fish for DV8 to name just a few.

He worked extensively with Director Tony Palmer through the 80’s and 90’s shooting many films based on classical composers such as Benjamin Britten, Stravinsky, Puccini , Walton etc and was Cinematographer on Testimony , a feature film based on the life of Shostakovich staring Ben Kingsley which opened the London Film Festival in 1985.

Nic has been DOP many features including Instutute Benjamenta in B/W for the

Quay Brothers which has become something of a cult film over the years, he also shoot the Piano Tuners Of Earthquakes on Digital for them.

Nic has worked on many TV Dramas over the years including Final Passage for Director Sir Peter Hall for which he won a BAFTA for his cinematography, Emmy Award winning US mini series, The Murder of Mary Phagan for Director Billy Hale and Separate but Equal for Director George Stevens.

More recently Nic has been working on numerous Commercials, TV Drama’s and several award winning projects with Director Isabel Rocamora such as Horizon of Exile and Body of War. His work has taken him all over the world.

Last year Nic was nominated for Best Technical Achievment at the BIFA ‘s and was awarded Best Cinematography at the recent BIFICA’s in Buenos Aries for his cinematography on the multi award winning ‘Berbarian Sound Studio’ Directed by Peter Strickland.

Peter chose Nic to work with him again on his latest film, The Duke of Burgundy which was chosen to show in the main competition category at the 2014 London Film Festival.

Nic’s most recent feature film is based on the later teenage years of icon singer and song writer Steven Morrissey directed by Mark Gill is due for release 2017.

Nic is also developing an animation film called ‘Eudoria’s Broomstick’.

Nic is a Governor of the British Society of Cinematographers.

Nic’s IMDB page can be found here.

He is represented by Michell Arnold at the Dench Arnold Agency.

Mike Eley

IMG_6346Having started shooting documentaries in the 1980s I moved to shooting TV drama and shot numerous series and features including three Emmy nominated works, BBC’s Jane Eyre; HBO’s ‘Grey Gardens’ and the BBC/HBO production ‘Parade’s End. In 2014 I shot the ITV two-parter ‘The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies’ for which I won a BAFTA and two RTS Awards

My features work includes ‘Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang’ (2009) and Clio Barnard’s ’The Selfish Giant’ (2013). I am currently completing work on two features, Roger Michell’s ‘My Cousin Rachel’ and Susanna White’s ‘Woman Walks Ahead’.


Paul Collard

PCOLLARD cropAs VP of Film & Digital Services at Deluxe Media, was responsible for business development in Film and Digital Services.. Formerly MD & Technical Director of Soho Images and Todd-ao UK, Paul began his career at Kodak, has an extensive background in film and digital post production, and gives regular presentations on Shooting Formats, DI, Digital Cinema, Restoration and Archive Digitisation. He is a Past President of BKSTS and in 2009 he received the Arri John Alcott Memorial Award from the British Society of Cinematographers. Paul retired from Deluxe in January 2016 and is now a consultant in Film & Digital Services .


Greg Fisher

UntitledGreg began his career at Vidfilm in Denham grading dailies, remastering old films and mastering new ones, he continued with this at Technicolor. He then worked in Scandinavia at the Digital Film Lab, Denmark and Digital film, Finland, where he honed his craft on hundreds of commercials and DI’s. After moving back to the UK he worked directly for productions, overseeing all look development for Gravity and World War Z, also grading and developing all the colour management for Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, for which Robert Richardson, ASC took home a Best Cinematography Oscar. Since 2014 he has been based at Company 3 London grading titles such as: Spectre, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Everest, Legend, Duke of Burgundy, The Imitation Game, Bridget Jones Baby, Supersonic, Inferno and Anthropoid.

Mike Bradbury

MeMike Bradbury (Head Of Cinema Technology for ODEON Cinemas Group), started as a projectionist 26 years ago and is a self professed film and cinema enthusiast. His exacting standards of sound and projection along with a common sense approach to maintenance and training allowed promotion to national managment. For the past 11 years has been Head of Cinema Technology for the ODEON group. Constantly striving to make sure Digital Cinema is at it’s best to maximise the experience of going to the movies and ensure cinema is the best place to watch movies as the film makers intended.

16:45-17:15 ARRI TRINITY - the next stage in camera movement

Presenter: Curt O. Schaller

A master class with the inventor of the ARRI TRINITY camera stabilizer, who will demonstrate how to enrich visual storytelling with seemingly impossible camera moves.

kurt schallerPresenterCurt O. Schaller is the inventor of TRINITY, flagship of ARRI’s Camera Stabilizer Systems. As a longtime Steadicam operator, Curt often faced limitations with existing systems when trying to execute shots requested by cinematographers and directors. This led to him making improvements to the system he was working with and ultimately resulted in him developing an entirely new system. The positive feedback he received from fellow Steadicam operators confirmed that his efforts were opening new creative possibilities and encouraged him to set up his own business, which is now part of the ARRI organisation.

17:45 -18:15 ‘The Night Manager’ with RED Digital Cinema

Join award winning DoP Michael Snyman as he reveals how RED cameras helped him achieve the cinematic look when shooting the highly acclaimed TV Series 'The Night Manager'. The presentation will showcase footage from the production and will conclude with a Q&A.

Saturday 4th February

cinema h2o
10:20-11:20 Cinema H20 – Underwater Cinematography - BSC Panel

For over 30 years Mike Valentine BSC has been revealing to audiences the hidden beauty of the underwater world. In his lecture Mike will cover the history and techniques of shooting underwater starting with the world’s first underwater photograph taken in 1856, right up to the present day. Having worked on over 85 feature films, Mike will be using many clips to illustrate lighting, shooting, green-screen and safety & communications, concluding with a Q&A session.

Presenter: Mike Valentine BSC

Mike Valentine B.S.C joined BBC television in 1972 where he worked on a huge variety of programmes. Taking up diving as a hobby in 1977 he started to make his own short films using the Red Sea as a location. Asked by Nick Roeg to direct and shoot underwater scenes for “Castaway” in 1986 Mike resigned from the BBC starting his full time career in features. Since then he has worked on over 70 films and has directed over 30 commercials. With his wife Francoise they formed their World renowned production company VALENTINEFILMS. Mike and Francoise continue to reveal to audiences the hidden beauty of the underwater world.


11:50-12:20 HDR and Colour Management Workshop - Mytherapy

Presenter: Dado Valentic – Colourist

Dado Valentic is an award-winning colour grading artist from London, UK. He belongs to the next generation of digital artists who are pushing the boundaries of digital imaging. He is best known for his unique approach to colour and for development of custom algorithms and software applications that expand limits of traditional colour grading tools. His work in area of RAW camera processing and film stock emulation techniques has greatly contributed to the preservation of aesthetic of analogue medium in today’s era of digital filmmaking.

12:50-13:20 X-OCN: 16bit HDR for all – Sony

X-OCN recording format explained. The importance of bit depth for HDR. by 4K-HDR Workflow Specialist Pablo Garcia Pablo’s extensive slate of credits – on set and in the studio as a colourist and colour-workflow consultant, includes a string of major TV and movie projects all around the world.

Recent work and/or consultancy includes ‘Café Society’, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, ‘Night at the Museum 3’, ‘London Fields’, among many others.

At Sony’s DMPCE in Pinewood Studios, he provides training and consultancy on all aspects of 4K and HDR workflow, with a particular emphasis on advanced techniques in the preproduction to ease the grade and achieve specific creative outcomes for documentaries, drama,feature films, commercials and mainstream TV production.

Presenter: Pablo, 4K-HDR Workflow Specialist

pabloPablo’s extensive slate of credits – on set and in the studio as a colourist and colour-workflow consultant, includes a string of major TV and movie projects all around the world. Recent work and/or consultancy includes Café Society, Alice through the Looking glass, Night at the Museum 3, London Fields, among many others.

At Sony’s DMPCE in Pinewood Studios, he provides training and consultancy on all aspects of 4K and HDR workflow, with a particular emphasis on advanced techniques in the preproduction to ease the grade and chieve specific creative outcomes for documentaries, drama, feature films, commercials and mainstream TV production.

14:00-15:30 Shots that challenge us – BSC Panel

Moderator: John de Borman BSC


Bradford Young ASC – Arrival (2016) – Selma’ (2014)

Rob Hardy BSC – Ex Machina (2015) – Boy A (2007)

Christopher Ross BSC – Top Boy (2011) – Blackout ( 2012)

Ula Pontikos BSC – Second Coming (2014) – Lilting (2014)

Award winning cinematographers, in conversation with John de Borman BSC, screening and discussing one of their shots which has proved challenging. Congratulations from the BSC to Bradford Young ASC, on his American Academy Award nomination for his cinematography of 'Arrival'.

ula pontikosBradford Young
Originally from Louisville, KY Bradford Young is a cinematographer who studied under the tutelage of filmmaker Haile Gerima. His recent film contributions include Denis Villeneuve’s, ARRIVAL; Ava DuVernay’s SELMA;  JC Chandor’s, A MOST VIOLENT YEAR; David Lowrey’s, AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS and Andrew Dosunmu’s MOTHER OF GEORGE. Currently Bradford is prepping Lord and Miller’s Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Film. Bradford is an 2014 inductee into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. And a 2015 inductee into the American Society of Cinematographers.

Ex Machina Rob Hardy headshot

Rob Hardy 

Rob Hardy BSC is best known for his work on ‘RED RIDING 1974’ – ‘EX MACHINA’ and ‘BOY A’ for which he won a BAFTA.
Most recently, he completed principle photography on ‘EUPHORIA’ , Produced by and staring Alicia Vikander along with Eva Green & Charlotte Rampling.
In addition he has shot Alex Garland’s highly anticipated follow up to Ex Machina, the hallucinogenic science fiction horror ANNIHILATION for Paramount Pictures. The film is set for release in 2017.
Rob is now in pre production on the next Mission Impossible film starring Tom Cruise.
chrissrossscaledChristopher Ross

ula pontikosUla Pontikos
Ula Pontikos’ first feature ‘Weekend’ premiered at SWSX in March 2011.By the end of the year the film had picked up over 20 international awards. Since then Ula won the Sundance Cinematography Award in 2014 for her second feature ‘Lilting’, other credits include ‘Second Coming’ starring Idris Elba and Nadine Marshall, directed by Debbie Tucker Green.

Currently Ula is working on completing the latest project “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool”, based on the memoir by British actor Peter Turner. Apart from working on long form projects, Ula is also shooting commercials.

John de Borman
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