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1 - 2 February 2019



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Battersea Evolution, Battersea, London UK | 1 - 2 February 2019

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Kodak-Film – Stand 227

Kodak Film and the film-friendly network of collaborative companies supporting 8mm to 65mm production, post and preservation in the UK, are the focus at Kodak’s shared stand during the 2017 BSC Show. Celebrating the worldwide renaissance in analogue filmmaking, staff from Kodak, Kodak Film Lab London (formerly i-Dailies), Cinelab London, stock supplier Frame 24, workflow specialist Digital Orchard  and Cinema Printing Company will be available to discuss all aspects of the film workflow – from shooting, processing, transfer, printing and scanning to long-term archiving. Kodak is also hosting a seminar on 65mm workflow. Use film: it’s champion.

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